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Admire the picturesque waterfalls in Quang Ninh

Not only famous for its beautiful sea paradise, coming to Dat Mo, you can also admire the beautiful waterfalls. Let’s take a look at the beautiful waterfalls in Quang Ninh that captivate visitors at first sight below.

Beautiful waterfalls in Quang Ninh 

Here is a list of beautiful waterfalls in Quang Ninh that are loved by many tourists today : 

1. Mo Waterfall

– Address: An Sinh commune, Dong Trieu town, Quang Ninh province 

The most famous is Mo waterfall in An Sinh commune, Dong Trieu. From Hanoi, you follow the route QL18A Hanoi to Ha Long, when you arrive at Dong Mai post office, turn left about 2km to reach Thac Mo. It possesses unspoiled natural scenery, beautiful waterfalls and immense mountains that attract tourists to visit. Mo Waterfall is made up of the clear Mo stream, along with Double Waterfall and Hoa Sen Waterfall, attracting visitors with picturesque scenery. 

Admire the picturesque waterfalls in Quang Ninh
Admire the beauty of Mo Waterfall in Quang Ninh

To discover Mo Waterfall in Quang Ninh , you need to follow the stream or hill road to Hoa Sen Waterfall first and stay here to enjoy the scenery. After that, continue the journey to Thac Doi and finally Thac Mo. Thus, you will enjoy the beautiful scenery of three famous waterfalls here. Let’s immerse yourself in relaxation with cool water and admire the beautiful natural scenery and forests. In addition, you can also take pictures with super beautiful photos of the waterfall or organize camping, eating and playing at one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Quang Ninh . 

Many young people love to live virtual at Mo waterfall. Photo: cattour

2. Lung Xanh Waterfall

– Address: Quang Trung Ward, Uong Bi, Quang Ninh 

Referring to the beautiful waterfalls in Quang Ninh , Lung Xanh waterfall in Uong Bi cannot be ignored. According to some legends, Lung Xanh waterfall was once a favorite destination of King Tran Nhan Tong when he came to Yen Tu. The waterfall is located halfway up Binh Huong mountain, originating from a large lake and the water here is so clear that you can see the bottom. The road to conquer Lung Xanh waterfall is quite arduous, you need to cross the forest and wade streams. On the way, you will admire the old forests, fresh nature and cool climate. The results ahead will certainly not disappoint you with the picture that appears like a fairyland. 

Check-in virtual living at Lung Xanh waterfall. Photo:

Coming to Lung Xanh waterfall, you will learn about the extremely diverse and rich ecosystem here. It is the image of a large waterfall appearing white foam day and night. You can have fun at the foot of the waterfall and enjoy the cool water after a tiring journey. The next experience when exploring Lung Xanh waterfall is, conquering the highest mountain here to admire the beautiful panorama around. If you go in a large group, remember to bring camping gear and baking equipment to organize fun parties with friends.

Take a relaxing bath at Lung Xanh waterfall. Photo: qdnd

3. Khe Van Waterfall

– Address: Huc Dong, Binh Lieu, Quang Ninh

The beautiful waterfalls in Quang Ninh attract tourists next to the name Khe Van waterfall in Binh Lieu. This waterfall has a height of 100m, divided into three floors flowing around the clock. In particular, the first floor of Khe Van waterfall forms a large and very clear lake. The second floor consists of large and small waterfalls pouring from above into the valley of white foam. The third floor pours into the stream, where there are large rocks undulating in the middle of the stream creating a majestic scene. 

Beautiful Khe Van Waterfall in Quang Ninh

Khe Van waterfall owns a beautiful scene like a picture, the water splashes white foam in harmony with the rocky mountains, green trees and sky. With each moment, the Khe Van waterfall has its own beauty. If in the dry season, the waterfall is beautiful and gentle like a shy young girl, then it rains and water flows all day and night. Coming to Khe Van waterfall in summer, you will admire the beautiful scenery, relax with cool water and listen to relaxing birdsong. 

Check-in virtual living at Khe Van waterfall. Photo: bloganchoi

4. Moc River Waterfall

– Address: 21, Dong Van, Binh Lieu, Quang Ninh       

Another beautiful waterfall in Quang Ninh in Binh Lieu district that is being sought by many tourists is the Mooc river waterfall. The waterfall is located halfway up the mountain, surrounded by terraced fields, clouds and high mountains. The beauty of Song Mooc waterfall is likened to “miniature Sapa” in the Binh Lieu district. That is also the reason why Song Mooc waterfall has become an increasingly attractive destination for tourists every time they have the opportunity to come to Quang Ninh . 

The famous Song Moc waterfall in Quang Ninh

Unlike other waterfalls in Quang Ninh that are beautiful and majestic, Song Mooc waterfall has a peaceful and idyllic beauty. The entire area of ​​Song Mooc waterfall is about 3 hectares wide, bringing in its wild beauty and fresh air. In particular, at Song Mooc waterfall, there is a waterfall with a height of more than 10m pouring down from the jungle around the villages. Exploring the Mooc River waterfall, you can walk around the ripe golden terraces or irrigation ditches. The area at the foot of the waterfall is a large rocky beach for visitors to rest. So, if you have the opportunity to visit Dat Mo, you should once go to Song Mooc waterfall to admire the beautiful scenery here.

Beautiful virtual living at Song Mooc waterfall. Photo: halotravel

5. Khe Cold Waterfall 

– Address: Thanh Son, Ba Che, Quang Ninh

Khe Lanh Waterfall is likened to a symphony between mountains and forests with charming and wild beauty. The waterfall is located at an altitude of about 10m, the blue water flows fast and possesses cool fresh air. If you are looking for a place to admire beautiful scenery with wildflowers, majestic mountains and cool bathing, Khe Lanh waterfall is that ideal destination. 

Around Khe Lanh waterfall, there is a beautiful natural landscape

The lake surface of Khe Lanh waterfall is 20m2 wide, with large rocks stacked on top of each other and surrounding vegetation creating a beautiful picture. Coming to Khe Lanh waterfall in the summer, you will be able to relax with the cool water and breathe in the fresh air here. In particular, in the area around Khe Lanh waterfall, there are many beautiful orchids and forest flowers, highlighting the picture here. You can follow the trail to move to the top of the waterfall, watch the waterfall splash white foam and relax all the fatigue of life. In addition, when coming to Khe Lanh waterfall, you can also organize many interesting activities, picnics and arts.

Khe Lanh Waterfall is a favorite destination of many young people on weekends

Above are the beautiful waterfalls in Quang Ninh that are famous and attract tourists . Hopefully, it will help you to have useful information and choose for yourself the best destinations when you have the opportunity to visit Dat Mo. Besides, you can refer to Quang Ninh travel experience for the most perfect upcoming trip.

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