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Binh Lieu travel experience – discover Quang Ninh’s ‘small Sapa’

Hand in hand Binh Lieu travel experience to discover one of the top destinations of Quang Ninh. A place associated with milestones, impressively beautiful “dinosaur spines”, romantic reed season and delicious dishes imbued with indigenous traditional culture.

About Binh Lieu

Located in the northeast of Quang Ninh province, Binh Lieu is a remote mountainous district, bordered by Guangxi (China). Located 108km from Ha Long city, this remote region possesses a wild landscape with rolling mountains, which is likened to “miniature Sapa”. A famous destination for backpacking, exploring nature and checking in beautiful scenery that is visited by many young people all year round.

Binh Lieu travel experience – discover Quang Ninh’s ‘small Sapa’
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What is the best season to travel to Binh Lieu?

Due to the high mountainous terrain, the climate in Binh Lieu is somewhat different from other places in Quang Ninh. The summer weather is usually not too hot and the winter will feel colder than some places in the Northwest. Suggested beautiful times you should come are: 

– At the beginning of the year : Spring in Binh Lieu is called a festival season with many unique cultural activities.

– The end of March : the time when the flowers bloom brilliantly.

– Summer : come to explore the beautiful white waterfalls.

– October, November : golden ripe rice season in the fields, taking beautiful photos. In addition, this is also the season of reeds in Binh Lieu , all the roads show the romantic beauty that is loved by everyone.

– Winter : hunting ice and snow on the top of Binh Lieu.

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Binh Lieu travel experience: how to go

Going from Hanoi

– By private vehicle : move in the direction of Hanoi – Ha Long highway and then continue through Cam Pha to Binh Lieu.

– By bus : there are many trips to Quang Ninh to choose from. Hung Long bus station goes directly to Binh Lieu, the fare is from 160,000 – 200,000 VND/person. Get off at Binh Lieu bus station and rent a motorbike to continue your discovery journey.

:Nh: @ mileyy.smilee

Going from Saigon

Take flights of airlines: Vietnam Airlines, Vietjet Air, Bamboo Airways, … to Van Don airport. From here there are many options to move forward such as: taking a taxi, renting a private car, renting a motorbike,… Quang Ninh taxi companies:

  • Phu Binh Taxi – Tel: 020 33 599 599
  • Taxi Sao Quang Ninh – Tel: 0203 822 822
  • Mai Linh Taxi – Tel: 0203 731 731
  • Mong Cai Taxi – Tel: 020 33 883 883

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Tourist attractions in Binh Lieu

1. Dinosaur Backbone and Milestone 1305

Landmark 1305 is located in Hoanh Mo commune, Binh Lieu. This is a landmark of the border patrol road located at the highest point of Quang Ninh . To get here, you have to go through the road like “dinosaur spine” more than 2km long. The road is quite steep, with many steep sections on both sides of the abyss to challenge the conquerors. But in return from here you can enjoy the beautiful poetic scenery.

Photo: @explore__vietnam

2. Milestone 1297 and romantic ‘paradise’ of reeds

Milestone 1297 is located in Luc Hon commune, 30km from the center of Binh Lieu district. The road is not too far but winding, coming here in October and November every year you will enjoy a romantic “paradise” of reeds. Reed grass grows everywhere from the two sides of the road, the forest edge to the rocky cliffs, … The white flowers of reeds fluttering, adding a dreamy look to this remote region.

Photo: @fuongw_02

3. Hoanh Mo border gate

Located at the end of National Highway 18C, this is one of the important trade border gates between Vietnam and Dong Trung border gate of China. Self-sufficient travel experience in Binh Lieu , right next to the border gate is the landmark 1317, one of the famous check-in points in this place.

Photo: @trangpinkyy

4. Khe Van Waterfall

This waterfall has a height of more than 1,000m, originating from the valley of the mountains, flowing through the cascades, falling down white like a strip of choice in the middle of the vast green forest. Located in a pristine protection forest with rich vegetation, this place is very suitable for those who love to explore. At the foot of the waterfall also forms a small clear lake, which is a very cool place to bathe in the middle of summer.

Photo: @kitty.kat.pham

5. Mooc River version

The village is located on the slopes of Phieng Che – Cao Ba Lanh mountain in Dong Van commune. This place is famous for its beautiful terraced fields that are not inferior to those in Ha Giang or the Northwest provinces. Besides, the rustic houses in the middle of the mountain along with the people’s life imbued with national identity are places for you to learn a lot of interesting things.

Photo: @anquangninh

6. High Mountain Siam

Cao Xiem mountain is one of the two highest peaks in Quang Ninh with an altitude of 1,429m. To conquer this place, you have to cross a dangerous forest road nearly 8km long. On the two sides of the road are vast green pine forests, green grass patches, sometimes it is like stepping on the clouds. Exciting feelings on the journey to conquer this place.

Photo: @drngoclinh

7. Keo Lan Mountain

Binh Lieu Quang Ninh tourism experience , the rocky beach located on Keo Lan mountain is a check-in place that you should not miss when coming here. To get to this place, you have to ride a motorbike from Binh Lieu town to the reserve at the foot of the mountain, then walk for another 40 minutes. The trail section with purple myrtle flowers and flowers blooming on both sides until the opening is the beach with all kinds of unique and impressive shapes.

Photo: @baoquangninh

8. Luc Na Temple

The rare ancient communal house is still present in Binh Lieu of Quang Ninh. The communal house was built during the Later Le Dynasty and worshiped General Hoang Can, a hero who had great merit in protecting this land at that time. He contributed to defeating the Northern invaders who invaded our country. Every year, on the 16th of the first lunar month, the communal house opens a festival to remember his merits.

Photo: @baobienphong

9. Binh Lieu Market

If you do not know what to buy when traveling to Quang Ninh , you will be spoiled for choice here. The market is located in the center of town, where ethnic people in Binh Lieu as well as neighboring districts come to trade. The market is full of many essential items, coming here you will encounter a bustling, crowded scene. Meet, chat, enjoy delicious specialties and don’t forget to buy gifts for family members.

Photo: @alcohol.xx

What to eat in Binh Lieu tourism?

1. Binh Lieu Black Chicken

This specialty is also known as Black H’mong chicken or Meo chicken, … originating from the H’mong people. High quality, naturally raised chickens, processed into many nutritious dishes such as: steamed chicken, ginger braised chicken, boiled chicken, honey grilled chicken,… Anyone who comes here will try to feel the delicious taste. hard to resist.

Photo: @checkintravel

2. Binh Lieu stream fish

Although Binh Lieu stream fish is not something too strange or delicious, but with Binh Lieu travel experience, this is a delicious dish worth enjoying. Fish are caught in the stream, eat moss and grasses, so the intestines are clean and the meat is very firm. The small fish when caught are cleaned and fried with oil made from flowers until golden brown. When eating rolls with bay leaves and dipping with strong soy sauce, bring the rice.

Photo: @Pinterest

3. Binh Lieu stir-fried noodle soup

The land of Binh Lieu produces many strange dishes not only because of the ingredients but also the way to enjoy. Many stir-fried noodle shops here only have handmade and hand-cut pho noodles, so you can see the fibers are quite coarse. If you want to enjoy stir-fried pho, you have to buy ingredients yourself and bring them to the owner to process. Stir-fried Pho with meat, soy sauce, vegetables, … on the wood stove is fragrant but has a particularly indescribable smoky smell.

Photo: @docbaoonline

4. Wormwood cake

Traditional cake of the Tay ethnic people, previously it only appeared on the occasion of the New Year celebration or special Tet. Today, wormwood leaf cake has become a delicacy from afar, a specialty that everyone wants to taste when coming to Binh Lieu. Although the cake has a bitter taste, it is especially delicious, especially the filling inside. A strange and delicious cake that is not inferior to Quang Ninh nodding cake that you can enjoy.


5. Binh Lieu Black Filling

Blackberry in Binh Lieu only produces fruit once a year on the occasion of July and August. The diamond-shaped fruit, when ripe, turns purple and black, and is brought to store meat, fish or processed into many delicious dishes. The taste of fleshy fillings, at first try, will be a bit difficult to eat, but it is an ingredient that helps many dishes to be more delicious and less boring.

Photo: @laningzz

6. Cormorant cake

The name coc-mo in the Tay language also means croissants, a famous specialty of Binh Lieu that often appears on special occasions. There are two types of cakes: the one without filling, with only glutinous flour, when eaten with molasses or honey; The second type is pork and bean paste. When going to the market, everyone carries a few cakes under their armpits to enjoy to satisfy their cravings.

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Where to stay when coming to Binh Lieu?

Hotels, motels

Binh Lieu tourism experience , the hotels here are small scale and concentrated mainly in the town area. Some suggested addresses:

– Binh Son Hotel

  • Address: Binh Lieu town, Binh Lieu, Quang Ninh.
  • Room price from: 200,000 VND – 400,000 VND / person.

– Binh Lieu Palace Hotel

  • Address: Binh Lieu town, Binh Lieu, Quang Ninh.
  • Room rates from: 500,000 VND/night.

– Hoa Yen Hostel

  • Address: Binh Cong 2, Binh Lieu, Quang Ninh.

– Four Seasons Guest House

  • Address: Hoanh Mo, Binh Lieu, Quang Ninh.

Photo: @Pinterest

Homestay Binh Lieu

Besides hotels or motels, if you want to feel more clearly the life, customs and culture of the ethnic minorities here, staying at a homestay also brings many interesting things. Some suggested homestays:

– Homestay A Dao 

  • Address: Phat Chi village, Dong Van commune, Binh Lieu district, Quang Ninh province.
  • Room price from: 60,000 VND/person.

– Homestay Song Mooc House

  • Address: Dao village, Moc A river village, Dong Van commune, Binh Lieu district, Quang Ninh.
  • Room price from 350,000 VND – 400,000 VND / person.

– Homestay Hoang San

  • Address: Dong Thanh village, Hoang San, Binh Lieu, Quang Ninh.
  • Room price from: 65,000 VND/person (dorm room).

Photo: @nguyenthihaiyen0701

Suggestions for self-sufficient Binh Lieu travel itinerary 

Binh Lieu has many interesting things for you to explore and enjoy the idyllic beauty. Suggested travel itinerary for Binh Lieu 2 days 1 night :

– Day 1 : Check in milestones with reed grass or flower season in Binh Lieu ,… depending on the time – Enjoy idyllic specialties – Overnight camping with friends.

– Day 2 : Get up early to welcome the dawn on “dinosaur spine” – Explore Khe Van waterfall – Visit Binh Lieu fair market – Return.

Photo: @vgne.e

Note when traveling to Binh Lieu

– In Binh Lieu, the current tourism services are still relatively few. If you come here for a long time, you should prepare the essentials for your trip in advance.

– Due to the high mountainous terrain, the temperature difference is large at night, so remember to bring a jacket in case it is cold.

– If you come by motorbike, remember to fill up the gas before going because there are very few gas stations here.

– If you want to conquer the spine of the dinosaur, you should prepare enough health and it is best to go with a large group of people.

– Although it is a remote destination and still quite wild, the number of visitors is still very large, especially in the peak tourist season. If you want to stay recently, you should book a room in advance, to avoid having to move far away.

Photo: @thai.dminh

A land full of wild but equally poetic for us to explore and conquer. Above are the suggested Binh Lieu travel experiences , hope you are more confident for a fun-filled journey in this exciting destination!

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