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The stacked stone block is precarious, pushing and not falling

QUANG NINH – The stacked stone block has a unique natural shape, precarious outside the top of the mountain, attracting many adventurous tourists.

Da Chong Mountain, often called “virtual living rock” by many tourists, belongs to sub-zone 91, Bang Ca commune, Hoanh Bo district, about 40 km from Ha Long city. The mountain is made up of dozens of stacked stone slabs, hundreds of meters high. No one knows when the rocky mountain was formed, but it is completely natural. At the top there is a ledge consisting of many flattened stone slabs overlapping each other, reaching out to the chasm, with a contact point of only about 1m2.

The stacked stone block is precarious, pushing and not falling
The stack of rocks protrudes out of the cliff and can overlook the scenery of Yen Lap lake. Photo: Nguyen Thuy

Nguyen Thuy (Ha Long City) visited rocky mountains on December 11th. She shared, visitors, can follow the road to Quang Yen town (adjacent to Hoanh Bo district). From the landmark km11, visitors ask people about the way. However, the way to the mountain is a forest that is difficult to find, visitors should rent a motorbike and have a local guide. From the main road to the foot of the mountain, about 45 minutes by motorbike, passing through beautiful trees and pine forests. From here, visitors will walk about 30 minutes to the stacked rock.

Thuy said the way to climb to the top of the mountain is rocks that overlap like stairs, very solid. When she arrived, she was amazed by the size of the rock and the shape that seemed to have been arranged by humans and machines. From here, visitors can see the green Yen Lap lake in the distance and the immense pine forest.

Thuy shared that the road to this place is small, difficult to go because the soil is eroded and it is easy to get lost in the forest without a guide. In addition, visitors should not climb the cliff surface because slipping will fall into the cliff, but can stand from the flat area to admire the scenery.

In 2018, after many tourists came here to climb the cliff to take pictures and film, the People’s Committee of Hoanh Bo district organized to prevent forms of adventure tourism from coming here and put up warning signs on the way up. Hoanh Bo district is located in the south of Quang Ninh province, with a system of caves, streams, and unspoiled forests. Coming here, visitors can visit Ha Lung cave or Dong Son – Ky Thuong nature reserve, wading streams, trekking in the forest. Follow (vnexpress)

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