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A trip to Binh Lieu is the most memorable memory of Binh Dinh girl

The most memorable memory of the Binh Dinh girl when coming to Binh Lieu is… crying and experiencing heart-stopping times because she is afraid of ghosts and the dark.

Mai Phuong Thao, 24, and her boyfriend run a small coffee shop in Binh Dinh. On October 15, she and her friend visited Binh Lieu (Quang Ninh) for two days and two nights. Thao is very excited to come to this border mountainous district. The reason is that Binh Lieu in October has beautiful reeds. When she arrived, the mop had not yet fully bloomed, but “it’s already beautiful”.

The most memorable memory of a young female tourist when coming to Binh Lieu is… crying. As we climbed down from the border marker 1305, one of the local tourist attractions, it started to get dark. That’s when she discovered the car was punctured. “We all thought: It’s over,” Thao said.

Thao and her boyfriend took souvenir photos in Binh Lieu.
A trip to Binh Lieu is the most memorable memory of Binh Dinh girl

They were loaned by other groups, who are also tourists, to re-inflate their tires, and then tried to hurry back to Hoanh Mo border gate to fix their cars. But after only going a part, the tire went flat and could not continue. At this time, the phone signal was shaky, it was dark, the two were struggling on the wild mountain pass right at the border.

Thao burst into tears. “I cried while walking, I didn’t know what to do but cry. The phone signal sometimes didn’t. Even so, my boyfriend and I still encouraged each other to try,” she said. When there was a wave, she contacted the hotel where she was staying and asked for help with a pickup truck to carry a motorbike, but they could not find it. When Thao fell into despair, the hotel contacted again. They reported that they had found a car mechanic who would accept to fix it. The two pulled over to the side of the road and waited. The mountains are deserted and dark. But thanks to that, two tourists in the Central region saw fireflies flying around. “An experience that is both scary and romantic,” Thao said.

This is not the only time that makes Thao’s heart flutter in Binh Lieu. The first time was on the first day, when they moved from Son La to Quang Ninh by motorbike. Through Ha Long – Van Don highway, it was dark. At that time, there were only two people on the large, deserted and dark pass. “We came from the Central region to play, and for the first time we ran at night to the border province, so we were quite worried. In addition, the road we went was a pass, deserted mountains, no lights and it was dark and cold.” Thao recalls. At that time, her only feeling was fear. She was afraid of… ghosts, afraid of robbers.

Both drove in a nervous mood, but fortunately did not have an accident. “Finally, we can overcome everything. For those who travel by motorbike, if possible, go in groups for more peace of mind. In addition, prepare your health, and be mentally strong when going on a trip. Because only calm, you can solve everything. Everyone should also pay attention to the tire tattoo because of the mountain road and many crushed rocks,” Thao shared.

It was dark when Thao and her boyfriend broke down their car on the road. Photo: NVCC

In addition to the above two “Halloween-style” experiences, this trip of Thao and her boyfriend is rated “satisfactory”. Because she did not have much time and also began to feel tired because she had just traveled to the Northwest, Thao only stopped at two border landmarks 1297 and 1305. Landmark 1297 belongs to Bac Xa commune, Dinh Lap district (Lang Son) adjacent to Vo Ngai commune, district. Binh Lieu. This landmark is easy to go, about 10 minutes to climb. But also because of the easy climb, this is a very crowded destination. Thao reached the place at 9-10am, tourists were full.

Landmark 1305 is about 45 minutes away from landmark 1297. The scenery on both sides of the road is considered beautiful. This landmark climbs for about 2 hours, but currently can’t climb to the place anymore and can’t fly drones. Thao only climbed for 30 minutes, and when she reached the first hut, she stopped because she was tired. She said that up to this hut the scene was also very beautiful.

Because going sightseeing is the main thing, Thao eats simply. She visited shops near the hotel. However, despite being popular food, Thao finds local cuisine delicious, cheap and appetizing. Local hotels are also cheap, 400,000 VND for a clean, comfortable room. This also contributes to Thao adding advantages to this border district.

“The end of the visit to Binh Lieu is also the time when we fulfill a small part of our youth dream to go everywhere. The days of wandering the border mountains and forests, watching the natural scenery slowly, I realized. My country is so beautiful,” Thao said.

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