11.05.2022, 09:48

Unspoiled Beo Co Island in the middle of Bai Tu Long Bay

QUANG NINH – Watching the sunrise, windsurfing, and camping overnight… are experienced on the pristine Beo Co island in Cai Rong town, Van Don district.

Hon Beo Co is one of about 600 islands in Van Don island district, with spectacular scenery with steep cliffs and a beautiful sandy beach, surrounded by a system of floating oyster rafts of fishermen. Chu Duc Viet, born in 1987, from Hanoi, has just had a memorable trip on a small island in the middle of Bai Tu Long Bay.

Through various channels, the local fisherman contact group should be well-supported during the trip. The journey from Cai Rong port to Beo Co island takes about 15-25 minutes by boat.

On the journey, Viet was surprised with the islands of many interesting shapes, undulating on the jade green front.

Duc Viet’s group has 14 people, choosing to go to Beo Co later than the holiday of April 30 to avoid crowding and convenient transportation. They departed on the morning of May 2, camped for one night, and returned on the afternoon of May 3.

Hon Beo Co has not been touristized, on the island there are a few households living, tourists coming here are mainly camping enthusiasts, love to explore the sea and islands.

The sandy beach along the cliffs of Beo Co is sheltered from the sea breeze, so it is ideal for camping. A note when camping at Beo Co Island is to learn about the location and geography here so as not to have problems at high tide. Viet’s group arrived at the island at 12 o’clock, when the sea water was about 12 m from the cliff. At high tide, the sandy beach narrows to only about 7m, the space is just enough for camping at night. From night to morning, the tide recedes, revealing a sandy beach stretching to 20-30 m.

The island is still unspoiled, so the group must prepare all necessary camping equipment such as tents, stoves and personal tools… Anh Duc Viet notes that visitors need to clean up trash and keep the environment clean. when camping. The small obstacle he encountered was being bitten by a magpie (cool bug) due to his negligence in not bringing insect repellent.

The members bring jet surf (silver surf) to surf. This type of board is only about 15 kg, playing all day only takes about 5 liters of fuel.

Duc Viet in a Spider-Man costume surfs on a jet board. The game is easy to control, but requires players to spend time practicing in clubs, learning from experience to master the speed and perform many difficult moves. During the camping period, Viet also played jet skis.

Duc Viet’s group plays water sports around Beo Co Island.

At night, the group chatted, looked at the stars and checked the sports equipment to continue the next morning.

The food on the island are specialties, prepared by local fishermen, all 100% fresh, such as grilled oysters with onion fat or grilled red cockles, tamarind sauce, roasted with salt…

Catch the sunrise on the island, a memorable moment in a two-day and one-night trip on Beo Co Island. Mr. Duc Viet shared: “Youth lives by experiences. When you get old, you live by memories. Vietnam has many beautiful destinations, sea and islands, let’s explore it while you are young and conditions permit. That’s it. the reason I continue traveling and camping this year.” Before that, in 2021, Mr. Viet traveled from Hanoi to Ca Mau by motorbike in 25 days, passing through 34 provinces.

Photo: Chu Duc Viet