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Quang Ninh successfully develops cold-water shrimps

Assisting the detection of shrimp diseases

According to the industry-leading experts, the quality of shrimp seed decided more than 50% of the success of a shrimp crop. Faster growth is necessary but it's not sufficient. To achieve stable output, shrimp seeds must be completely disease-free, more resistant and adaptable to the local weather conditions.

Especially in the face of harsh climate events and frequent disease outbreaks, more and more attention has been paid on not only the quality of shrimp seed but also the solutions for environment inspection and pathogen clearance.

Quang Ninh successfully develops cold-water shrimps

Viet-Uc Company Limited (Quang Ninh) is willing to help shrimp farmers in testing and detecting pathogens. Photo: Nguyen Thanh.

PCR testing labs play a crucial role in detecting shrimp diseases in the environment. It is a laboratory technique of molecular biology that gives the most accurate result in a short time but it is capital intensive and requires skilled staff to operate the system. Therefore, only industry-leading enterprises can invest in that technique.

On January 3, 2022, the PCR testing Lab of the complex for shrimp seed production under the operation of Viet-Uc Company Ltd (Quang Ninh) was officially certificated with ISO/IEC, 17025:2017. This is the sixth complex operated by Viet-Uc Company Limited meeting the standard besides the facilities in the provinces of Bac Lieu, Lam Dong, Nghe An, Binh Thuan and Binh Dinh.

Shrimp farmers who want to test for pathogens to ensure water quality in shrimp ponds before releasing shrimp seeds or if they want to test shrimp and water samples to foresee any risk, they will receive enthusiastic support from Viet-Uc's sale teams or technical consulting teams in each locality.

Successfully developing cold-water shrimps

The complex for shrimp seed production situated in Tan Lap commune, Dam Ha district (Quang Ninh province) is invested by Viet-Uc Company Ltd with a size of 170 hectares including shrimp seed production area, brood stock production area; indoor super-intensive and  intensive farming area and demonstration area for high-tech shrimp farming.

Currently, Viet-Uc Company has completed the first phase of the project including a shrimp seed production area with a capacity of 8 billion seeds/year; algae and artemia biomass  production facilities, an international standard laboratory and a modern automatic water purification system put into operation serving shrimp seed production in Quang Ninh. The system has met all strict requirements of producing high-quality shrimp seeds to be commercialized.  

Viet-Uc Company Limited has successfully developed cold-water shrimps suitable for growing in cold temperatures in the winter. Photo: Nguyen Thanh.

Raising shrimps in the winter or off-season shrimp farming has been now facing a wide range of difficulties because low temperatures for months will limit shrimps' swimming, resulting in longer growth period for shrimps and low feed efficiency.

The model of high technology indoor shrimp farming has been successfully implemented in many areas. The model helps farmers proactively keep water temperatures stable and prevent common shrimp diseases. However it is capital intensive.

To promote its strengths in shrimp farming, Quang Ninh province is focusing on producing shrimp seeds to meet the high demand of shrimp farmers. Viet-Uc Company Ltd - Quang Ninh is a pioneer in investing in the high-tech shrimp farming complex in Dam Ha district along with international standard laboratories in order to meet strict requirements of producing high-quality shrimp seeds.

According to Viet-Uc Company Ltd - Quang Ninh, from the beginning, it has focused on growth, survival rate, resistance and fertility, making it suitable to the local soil and weather conditions.

Particularly, adaptability to "low temperature and low salinity" conditions is typically centered on to improve varieties of shrimp further.

Through rigorous researching, testing, the company started commercializing the new shrimp variety named VUS LEADER 21 in 2021 with growth rate 10 times higher and better resistance to environmental and weather conditions.

At the same time, another shrimp variety with outstanding adaptability to cold temperatures suitable for raising in Quang Ninh in the winter has been experimented since November 2021. It's expected to be commercialized by the end of 2022.

With the solutions for better shrimp raising in the winter, Quang Ninh shrimp farmers are now able to maintain their farming operations effectively throughout the year instead of having a "winter break". By this way, they can cut down a part of investment costs. Besides, the availability of labor and income can be guaranteed all year round; thereby further increasing the output and value of the province's shrimp industry.

Viet-Uc Company Ltd is planning to produce 1.5 billion of shrimp seeds in 2022, up 50% from 2021. In February 2022 alone, the company provided around 50 million shrimp seeds to the market, meeting the demand of commercial shrimp farming in and out the province.

Authors: Nguyen Than - Viet Cuong

Translated by Mai Tham

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