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Quy Nhon Fish Can Cake – Delicious and cheap specialty, it’s a pity not to eat it 

Can cake is almost everywhere, but the fish cake can is definitely only available in Quy Nhon, a unique specialty with its own attractive flavor that makes any traveling devotee surprised, especially the dish. This food is also very cheap.

Cuisine in each land always has its own unique characteristics and so does Quy Nhon – Binh Dinh , where there are attractive specialty dishes that make diners fall in love and must remember from the first time enjoying. The main thing is the fish cake soup. Just hearing the name, Quy Nhon fish cake can make diners curious to try. This is almost a unique specialty of Quy Nhon land with a very unique way of processing and enjoying, different from ordinary banh can dishes. 

Quy Nhon Fish Can Cake – Delicious and cheap specialty, it’s a pity not to eat it 
 Quy Nhon fish cake is a unique specialty that is loved by many tourists. Photo: Quy Nhon tourism.

Quy Nhon fish cake can be a unique dish of Nau country 

Referring to banh can, people will think of a cake made from crispy rice filled with seafood, eggs, and meat on a plate, served with raw vegetables and fish sauce. However , with Quy Nhon fish cake, people have a completely different way of processing and enjoying it. 

The fish cake can be very strange to many people. Photo: eatwithrau

Banh can fish water has a completely different way of processing from ordinary banh can, whereby the dish is made from two main ingredients, rice flour and fish. The flour used to make banh can is Quy Nhon’s fragrant soft rice flour that is ground into a liquid form similar to ordinary banh can flour. However, if in other places, banh can is poured on an earthen pan, Quy Nhon cake can uses a cast iron pan and adds oil to make it more crispy. In particular, people will pour white cake, absolutely no filling or any other spices.

The cake is filled with rice flour and no filling. Photo: Uyen Luyen Thuyen

Fish broth is cooked from the type of O fish as the locals call it, which is medium or small-sized scad cut into bite-sized pieces. The fish is preliminarily cleaned, seasoned with moderate seasoning and added a lot of water, then stocked, the taste of this fish broth will be relatively pale compared to ordinary braised fish and the broth is filled. The broth has a characteristic sweet and aromatic taste, the fish has a slightly sour taste to reduce the greasy taste of banh can. 

The fish will be stocked with plenty of water to mix with the cake. Photo: Hana.foodie

When eating Quy Nhon fish sauce cake, people will put attractive pieces of fresh white cake in a bowl, then fill with fish broth and add a few slices of fresh ooh fish, add lots of chives and fresh tamarind juice. For those who like spicy food, you can add chili to stimulate the taste. 

When eating, people will fill the cake with fish sauce. Photo: Uyen Luyen Thuyen

People will eat banh can with sour tamarind juice and chili. Photo:@gabong.foodie

Banh can fish juice has the moderate fatty taste of banh can, the sweet aroma of broth and fish, adding a slight sour taste of fresh tamarind juice is very attractive and stimulating. In particular, the bowls of Quy Nhon fish sauce soup always have a charming aroma because people use chives, which are much more fragrant and delicious than regular chives. 

The broth is very fragrant thanks to the many chives. Photo: @gabong.foodie

Usually when using Quy Nhon fish cake, people will eat it hot to fully enjoy the attractive flavor of the dish as well as limit the fishy taste of the fish. This is a very attractive breakfast dish that is loved by the people of Quy Nhon city.

Where to enjoy fish cakes? 

Quy Nhon fish cake is a very attractive and unique specialty, but there are not many places selling this dish. Currently, the most famous fish cake shop in Quy Nhon city is located at 63 Nguyen Hue Street. The shop is located in an alley, so it is a bit difficult to find, the sidewalk space should be airy and enough for seating. 

The most famous fish cake soup shop in Quy Nhon is located at 63 Nguyen Hue. Photo: FB/ Quy Nhon City

This shop only sells in the morning, so if you want to enjoy Quy Nhon’s strange and delicious fish cake can, you should visit early because there are quite a few diners who love or want to experience this dish.

The price of Quy Nhon fish broth is 10,000 VND per bowl with 8 pieces of cake, 2 pieces of fish, super cheap price for a unique and attractive breakfast. Many diners said that the taste of this dish is too attractive, so usually each time they come to enjoy, they will order from 2 to 3 bowls. 

The price of each bowl of banh can is only 10,000 VND. Photo: @gabong.foodie

Along with many other famous delicacies such as jumping shrimp pancakes, rice cake with heart porridge, shrimp ram, rice noodles, etc., Quy Nhon fish water can cake is also a very personal and unique highlight for the culinary map. old country. Come to Quy Nhon, do not forget to come and enjoy this attractive dish. 

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