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Tasting fish noodle soup of Quy Nhon

Visitors to Quy Nhon should try the fish noodle soup, a specialty that has contributed to the culinary culture of this coastal city.

As a coastal city, Quy Nhon always has an abundant source of fish. Quy Nhon fish noodle is special as it is processed right from fresh fish caught from the sea. The flesh from the fresh fish is combined with spices such as monosodium glutamate, pepper, minced onion, and garlic. The mixture is pureed, spread evenly, and molded into thin or thick pieces for steaming or frying.

The dish can be made from two different types of noodles: rice flour or tapioca flour noodles. When cooked, rice flour noodles are usually soft and milky white, while tapioca flour noodles are more translucent and chewier.

The thing which makes Quy Nhon fish noodle soup special is the broth of the dish, cooked from fish bones and fish heads, giving the dish a unique taste. The broth must be clear and not have a fishy taste.

The cook puts the boiled noodles into a bowl and layers them with some pieces of fish and chopped onions. Finally, the broth is poured into the bowl. A bowl of Quy Nhon fish noodle soup is served with a plate of raw vegetables and Quy Nhon chili satay sauce to complete the dish.

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