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Go Cong cake – a fun but memorable dish, no matter how picky you are, you’ll love it

Banh mi is a dish that is very popular with tourists when it comes to Tien Giang.

If you have ever visited Cho Giong in Go Cong Tay district, Tien Giang, most visitors must have heard of a dish called banh mi.

Go Cong cake – a fun but memorable dish, no matter how picky you are, you’ll love it

About Cho Giong, banh mi is one of the dishes not to be missed.

Banh cake, also known as Banh Gia, is a famous specialty in the Go Cong area. The explanation for the name cake has many different ways, but the most common include two interpretations.

Many people think that the name “Banh patch” comes from the tool used to pour the batter into the frying pan, which looks like a soup patch, so it’s called a cake patch. Meanwhile, some people think that because one of the main ingredients for making cakes includes price, the dish is called “rice cake”.

The cake is crispy on the outside and delicious on the inside.

No matter how it is called, banh chung (banh gia) has the same characteristic that it is not only delicious but also associated with the culinary culture of a Go Cong region.

At first glance, patch cake looks quite similar to West Lake shrimp cake, but when enjoying, diners will easily recognize the difference between the two dishes.

Patch cake with attractive shrimp on the face is easily confused with Tay Ho shrimp cake.

An attractive patch cake with a variety of ingredients including lean pork, ground shrimp, bean sprouts, black fungus, peanuts, rice flour, tapioca flour, green beans, etc. These simple, easy-to-find ingredients are on the table. The talented and creative hands of indigenous people have become delicious cakes, attracting diners from near and far.

The dish is made from a mixture of many ingredients from meat to bean sprouts, peanuts…

Rice and green beans must be selected delicious, ground into a powder mixed with eggs, flour, spices… The cake is fried in a pan filled with oil, when the oil is really hot, start adding a mixture of flour with meat, bean sprouts, green beans. …, a little for each. During the frying process, the maker must be very skillful so that the cake is not broken and the shrimp still floats on the surface so that the cake has the most attractive shape.

Banh mi is even more attractive when eaten with chili garlic sauce and some green vegetables.

After frying, the patch cake will have a beautiful golden color with prominent au red shrimp above, giving off a fragrance that just needs to be enjoyed.

The attractive filling inside the patch cake.

The sweetness of meat, shrimp, mixed with the fatty pan of flour, green beans and a crispy, lumpy mixture of bean sprouts, black fungus … all kinds of flavors blend into the hot, crispy and fragrant cake, served with a little fish sauce. garlic chili and raw vegetables can’t be faulted.

Besides being an attractive snack for tourists, banh mi also appears solemnly at sumptuous parties in the Go Cong area.

It’s easy to eat and addictive, so it’s not too difficult to understand when banh mi has become an indispensable highlight when it comes to Go Cong cuisine.

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