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Whispering in front of Tan Thanh beach – a copy of Thai Binh’s “infinity sea” right in Tien Giang

Tan Thanh – a beautiful western beach shimmering like the masterpiece “infinity sea” in Thai Binh.

Recently, a beach in Thuy Xuan commune, Thai Thuy district, Thai Binh province suddenly “floated like alcohol” after being posted photos on social networks with a paradise-like space in Vietnam. At dawn, the beach turns into a giant mirror, the earth and sky stretch to infinity, sparkling with the golden light of the morning sun, creating an ecstatic beautiful scene that makes many people eager to go to experience it. experience.

If you also want to “live virtual” with the picturesque scenery of the “infinity sea”, but live in Ho Chi Minh City, then come visit Tan Thanh beach – a “copy” of the “infinity sea”. “Thai Binh is only about 78 km away.

Whispering in front of Tan Thanh beach – a copy of Thai Binh’s “infinity sea” right in Tien Giang

Photo: Mekong Delta Explorer


It takes less than 2 hours to travel (depending on transport) from the city center. In Ho Chi Minh City, Tan Thanh beach, also known as Go Cong beach, is located in Tan Thanh commune, Go Cong district, Tien Giang province. You can travel by car, motorbike, or passenger car.

If traveling by motorbike, from the center of Ho Chi Minh City, you go in the direction of National Highway 50, through Can Giuoc and Can Duoc towns. Then cross the My Loi ferry to arrive. For those who choose to travel by bus, you can go to the Western bus station to buy a bus ticket to Go Cong, Tien Giang. When you arrive, you can take a taxi or motorbike taxi to Tan Thanh beach.


Tan Thanh Beach runs for 7km along the mighty Mekong River. This is one of the most unique, rare and beautiful black sand beaches in Vietnam. Like Thuy Xuan beach, Tan Thanh beach is loved by tourists thanks to its wildness and rare dreamy scenery.

Photo: Mekong Delta Explorer

The most beautiful time in Tan Thanh beach is at dawn and at sunset. In the early morning, the sky and the sea here seem to “blend” together, stretching endlessly, creating a wonderful shimmering scene. The sea sunset is purple like the Milky Way, mixed with the fiery orange color of the red sun.

Photo: @ruanruan27788

Photo: @hainobi

Photo: @hainobi

At different times of the day, Tan Thanh has its own beauty. During the day, the beautiful sea sparkles peacefully with bright yellow sunshine. At night, the sea is beautiful, quiet and fanciful with the starry night sky.

Photo: @uyenle13


Coming to Tan Thanh, in addition to being immersed in the stunning scenery of the beach, visitors also have the opportunity to experience the daily life of local people. People here work enthusiastically from morning to late afternoon with the work of raking clams. You can participate in scratching clams with them to learn how to scratch clams, and understand more about the livelihood of the people in the sea.

One of the activities that young people cannot ignore when coming to Tan Thanh beach is “check in, live virtual”. There is a 30m long jetty leading to the sea. You can walk on this bridge, see everything around, enjoy the feeling of relaxation, peace and take lots of beautiful photos.

Photo: @rainy_tien, @pmaydea0501, @thuthao.211

From March to September of the lunar calendar is the best time to travel to Tan Thanh beach. Because this time is the “season” of seafood. Visiting the sea at that time, you can both have fun and enjoy extremely delicious fresh seafood.


When traveling to Tan Thanh beach, you will have the opportunity to try many fresh seafood dishes that are caught and processed by the locals themselves such as steamed clams with lemongrass and ginger, snails with burnt garlic nails, grilled sea clams with fat. Especially, you should try Go Cong specialties such as fish sauce, Banh Gia,… All these simple but unique dishes will definitely make you remember them forever.