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In addition to popular dishes, international tourists also enjoy the unique machine-pressed sugarcane juice in Vietnam

Not only has a delicious taste, but sugarcane juice also impresses foreign tourists with its unique way of pressing.

The journey to discover Vietnam always brings many unforgettable experiences for foreign tourists. Besides traveling and visiting beautiful places, foreign tourists also have a special love for our country’s cuisine because of its diversity and uniqueness in both eating and processing. In addition to “brand” dishes such as pho, bread, bun cha, etc., the simple sugarcane juice in Vietnam also makes many foreign tourists “fall in love” when they try it for the first time.

In addition to popular dishes, international tourists also enjoy the unique machine-pressed sugarcane juice in Vietnam

Foreign tourists enjoy drinking sugarcane juice (Photo: AshKhung, Will in Vietnam, TheBuis, Kneeneebop)

The famous YouTuber couple Sammy and Tommy were also surprised by the delicious taste of sugarcane juice during a food tour in Hanoi (Photo: Sammy and Tommy)

In Vietnam, sugarcane juice is one of the most popular street drinks because of its low price, sweet taste and easy to find anywhere. Especially in the summer, this drink is even more “hunted” because it can cool down and compensate for energy immediately.

Sugarcane juice is a familiar street drink in Vietnam (Photo: Le Yen Nhi, Eat Sap Saigon)

A special feature that makes sugarcane juice attractive to foreign tourists is the unique way of squeezing it. In order for sugarcane juice to have a sweet taste, the sugarcane plants must be carefully selected, neither too young nor too old, and peeled off the outer skin. After that, people will let the sugarcane go through the press, accompanied by a kumquat to balance the flavor. The sugarcane juice that is squeezed out will flow into the pre-set glass, finally add ice and enjoy on the spot. Many foreign tourists seeing the sugarcane juice machine for the first time were extremely interested, some even asked to try it.

Foreign tourists are excited to try squeezing sugarcane juice (Photo: Anatoly)

More specifically, Vietnam’s “legendary” sugarcane juice and juicer have also “exported” to a number of other countries and received a warm welcome from international friends. In Japan, places selling sugar cane juice also appear more. It is known that this delicious juice was initiated by a Vietnamese international student for about 500 yen (equivalent to 85,000 / cup). Not only that, Vietnamese sugarcane juice has also appeared in France with Tay Ninh sugarcane plants that were frozen directly from Vietnam, and were praised by the locals.

The bold Vietnamese press appeared in Japan and France and was loved by international friends (Photo: Vietnamkun, Geek Beat)

The simple drink in Vietnam, although not decorated too eye-catching or elaborately prepared, has left many impressions in the eyes of tourists. Currently, sugarcane juice not only has the traditional type but also has been transformed into many other novel versions.

Sugarcane juice with pearls

This version of sugarcane juice is very popular with young people because there are many more toppings such as fresh coconut, desiccated coconut, salted roasted peanuts, … Especially the “national” black pearl with its characteristic toughness. While drinking cool sugarcane juice, and also enjoying a variety of toppings, pearl sugarcane juice is truly a dish that everyone should try once in their life.

Photo: @fuongsfood

Fruit cane juice

This is also an interesting variation of sugarcane juice. The capital of sugarcane juice has its own aroma and taste, but when it is added a little sweet and sour of the fruit, it is more attractive. The versions of sugarcane juice combined with popular fruits can be mentioned as guava sugarcane juice, salted lemon sugarcane juice, durian sugarcane juice, jackfruit cane juice, etc. Even, fruit cane juice also has a chewy jelly topping. quite amusing.

Photo:, Nguyen Anh Kiet

Sugarcane juice with coconut milk

This combination sounds unrelated, but it’s delicious. The coconut milk will be squeezed very thickly, mixed with sweet and cool sugarcane juice, will create a very attractive fatty flavor. Not only that, some places also add grated coconut or shredded coconut on top to add more flavor.

Photo: @vianh6605

Vietnam sugarcane juice is simple, but the taste is strangely delicious. Especially, for foreigners, enjoying a familiar Vietnamese drink is sometimes a very memorable experience.

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