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4 shops selling water for more than a decade in Ho Chi Minh City: Still keeping the same taste, customers wait in long queues to buy

Although only selling takeaway, these restaurants have existed for more than 10 years and the quality is not to be discussed.

It is not wrong to say that Ho Chi Minh City is a culinary “paradise”. In addition to the old restaurants, there are also water stalls with aged decades, but the quality remains the same as on the first day. If you specialize in drinking water on the sidewalk, you are probably familiar with these bars because of their popularity as “no joke”. And if you don’t know, you have to drag your friends to try it right away, maybe it will become a “gut” restaurant.

Sugarcane orange juice has 1-0-2 in Phu Nhuan

Address: 125A Phan Dinh Phung, Ward 17, Phu Nhuan District

Open: 15h – 23h

As a delicious and cheap drink, many people love it, so sugarcane juice is often sold everywhere. In Ho Chi Minh City, if you count “dew”, there are hundreds of sugarcane juice shops, but the oldest shop but the quality remains unchanged, it must be said that Mr. Ut’s orange juice is located near Phan Dinh Phung market. . Up to now, the shop has been selling for more than 60 years and is known by many as Phu Nhuan sugarcane juice.

4 shops selling water for more than a decade in Ho Chi Minh City: Still keeping the same taste, customers wait in long queues to buy

Photo: @lyn.nhii, @2fat.gys

The secret to attracting customers is that sugarcane is pressed with oranges instead of kumquat (kumquat) like in other places. So when drinking, sugarcane juice will have a slight acidity combined with a rather strange sweet taste. In addition, the sugarcane here is imported new every day, so the quality is always guaranteed. This is a big plus that makes this small restaurant always crowded with customers. At the shop, there are 2 types of sugarcane juice for 15k and sugarcane juice in a big bag for 20k, you can choose according to your preferences.

Photo: @lyn.nhii, @sunnytm

The “legendary” coconut tree of two old ladies on Pasteur Street

Address: In front of alley 248 Pasteur, Ward 8, District 3

Open: 11am – 10pm

The “legendary” coconut car that has been sold for 25 years by two old ladies on Pasteur Street must be familiar to many people. Not only famous for the cool coconut dish, the 2 old lady’s water car also has an equally delicious coconut dish. Not only that, the price for each glass of water here is also very “chestnut”, only from 10k – 25k, so selling hundreds of glasses a day is normal.

Photo: @thon.foodie

The glass of coconut water here is quite large, and has a moderate sweetness, mixed with the cool ice, it is too reasonable to choose for refreshment. In addition, each glass is served with lumpy coconut rice and a delicious chewy rim. If you choose fragrant coconut water, there will be more sweet and sour sugar slugs, drinking with coconut water also creates a delicious taste.

Photo: @ruahaman

Phuong Hoang milk tea “stirs up” the dining festival

Address: 317B Nguyen Tri Phuong, Ward 5, District 10

Open: 9am – 10pm

Chắc khong cần phải gioi thieu nhiều vì tra sữa Phượng Hoang chưa bao giờ ngừng hot ở TP.HCM suốt 13 năm qua. Tuy khong đặt ban ghế ngồi lại, cũng khong trang trí bắt mắt như những quan tra sữa khac nhưng khi vừa mở cửa la khach đã đung xếp hang dai phía ngoai chờ mua.

Photo: @onghoangtrasua

The menu of Phuong Hoang milk tea must be said to be super terrible when there are up to 75 dishes with toppings such as pearls, pudding, … for you to change your taste. All teas and milk teas here are made with 100% Taiwanese tea, so when drinking, the aroma will be very clear. The sweetness of the dishes is also moderate, not harsh, especially the milk tea is extremely fragrant. Moreover, the price here is also very cheap, you only need to spend 20k and you will have 1 large glass of full topping.

Photo: @onghoangtrasua, Nguyen Ling, @samlacareview

I wish I could wipe Ba Binh with a “terrible” topping

Address: 131 Nguyen Thien Thuat, Ward 2, District 3

Open: 6:30am – 9pm

Anyone who is a fan of homemade ginseng dishes such as cane reeds, chrysanthemums, and seaweed can’t miss the Ba Binh ginseng shop. Although mainly for take-out, there are only a few low plastic chairs for those who want to sit back, customers still wait to buy a lot. In addition to buying directly, the number of customers ordering through the app is also extremely large. Up to now, the shop has been selling for nearly 40 years.

Photo: @ruahaman

The reason why Ba Binh ginseng juice is so attractive is that it has an esoteric recipe for ginseng, so it is very fragrant, rich in flavor and not too sweet. There are also many types of toppings that have a high “cooling” effect such as tapioca roots, lotus seeds, longan, red apples, etc. A huge plus point is that ginseng juice here has a super cheap price, only from 15k – 20k So it’s easy to understand why the restaurant is so popular with customers.

Photo: @ruahaman

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