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Vietnamese sugarcane juice truck in Korea is crowded with customers waiting to buy, drink 3 cups at a time

Sugarcane juice is one of the most popular street drinks in Vietnam because of its low price, sweet taste, and ease finding anywhere. Especially in the summer, this drink becomes "hotter" because it can cool down and replenish energy. Not only Vietnamese, but sugarcane juice is also a favorite drink of international tourists. Many foreign Tiktokers expressed praise for this drink.
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Recently, a video about Korean guests waiting in long lines to buy Vietnamese sugarcane juice attracted the attention of netizens. This clip has reached nearly 593,000 views, 19,400 likes, and more than 400 comments showing interest from them.
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Sharing more about the video, Ms. Huynh Chon Phuong (born in 1991, hometown in Ca Mau), currently living and working in Choengju City, Chungcheongbuk-do province, South Korea, the owner of the clip said: “When I first opened it, I didn't think Koreans would like sugarcane juice so much. They praised the delicious, some people drank 3 cups in a row. In 3 days, I pressed 1.5 tons of sugarcane. In Korea, there is no sugar cane, so for Koreans, this is a new drink. I imported the juicer and sugarcane from Vietnam."

Huynh Chon Phuong currently lives and works in Cheongju city, Chungcheongbuk province, Korea.

Sugarcane is cut into pieces, packed in boxes, and transported from Vietnam to Korea. Ms. Phuong shared: "I import purple sugarcane from Hoa Binh province with the criteria of being both soft and sweet. On weekdays, I sell about 300-400 cups, and on weekends it's more than 1,000 cups. Although there are many human resources, 7 sugarcane scrapers, 3 people squeeze the juice and sell it, when there are many customers, they still can not make it in time, so customers line up in groups of 15-20 people to wait to buy. A glass of sugarcane juice costs 5,000 won (about 90,000 VND)."
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Sugarcane juice was also mentioned in the Battle Trip program of KBS Television (Korea) in 2016. The filming crew had the opportunity to visit Ben Thanh Market, one of the most famous and typical markets in Ho Chi Minh City with an age of more than 100 years.
The image in the video of KBS shows that, at first, the audience at the KBS studio and even the MCs were surprised to know what Vietnamese specialties they were watching. Meanwhile, the Koreans who participated directly in the trip were very excited in front of the sugarcane juice grinder and eager to enjoy this drink.
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Dan mạng thế gioi bình chọn món ăn truyền thống Viet Nam nao ngon nhất?
After seeing the process of squeezing sugarcane juice, and looking at the attractive glass of water in the hands of the shopkeeper, the MC and the audience at the studio could not help but be curious and look forward to tasting this drink.

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