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K-Food festival promotes Vietnamese-Korean cultural exchange

K-Food festival promotes Vietnamese-Korean cultural exchange
South Korea consulate general in Đa Nẵng, Ahn Min Sik (left) presents first prize to chef Nguyễn Thị Thuy Van in the K-Food Festival in Đa Nẵng. Photo Le Lam 

ĐÀ NẴNG — Chef Nguyễn Thị Thuy Van from Quảng Ngãi won the first prize at the Korean food cooking contest – the K-Food Festival – in Đa Nẵng in a culture promotion and exchange event by the South Korea Consulate General in the central city.

The K-Food contest drew five teams from Quảng Nam, Quảng Ngãi, Thừa Thien-Huế and Đa Nẵng to compete in the final on Thursday.

Competitors had one hour to create traditional Korean kimchi in different styles.

South Korean consulate general Ahn Min Sik said the K-Food festival aimed to boost cultural exchange between Viet Nam and South Korea, and to introduce Korean cuisine to Vietnamese people.

“Viet Nam is the only ASEAN country that South Korea established three diplomatic agencies to promote friendly ties between Viet Nam and Korea. Đa Nẵng has been a favourite destination to Korean tourists with 1.8 million visiting the city in 2019,” Ahn Min Sik said at the food contest award ceremony.

Vietnamese chefs join a Korean food cooking contest in Đa Nẵng. The contest aims to promote Korean-Vietnamese culture exchange and ties between the two countries. Photo Cong Thanh 

South Korea officially inaugurated its Consulate General in Đa Nẵng – the second of its kind after HCM City, and the embassy in Ha Noi, in November.

According to the Korean embassy, the resumption of flights between Viet Nam and South Korea was discussed during a visit by the Republic of Korea (RoK)’s National Assembly Deputy Park Byeong-seug to Viet Nam in November.

Previously, tourism promotion events between Viet Nam’s central region and cities of South Korea and the Korea Tourism Organisation (KTO) in Viet Nam were organised in Đa Nẵng with the participation of nearly 100 South Korean artists and Vietnamese performers. —

Source: https://vietnamnews.vn/life-style/833779/k-food-festival-promotes-vietnamese-korean-cultural-exchange.html

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