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Unique specialties of the rocky plateau delight visitors

 Dong Van old town, Ha Giang not only has majestic mountains but also many unique and delicious dishes that attract many diners.

Dong Van Ha Giang stone plateau always attracts tourists not only by its attractive and fresh natural scenery all year round but also by its rich cuisine with many specialties that attract visitors.

Buckwheat cake

Going to Ha Giang, visitors can not only admire the beauty of the gentle buckwheat flower field but also enjoy the unique specialty of this flower – buckwheat cake. With a fatty, aromatic taste, buckwheat cake is a dish that pleases all diners.

Unique specialties of the rocky plateau delight visitors
To have a delicious buckwheat cake, people spend a lot of time and effort. (Photo: iamvantham).

After the buckwheat seeds are dried, they will be milled. Next, they will sift to remove the skin and get the fine powder. Mix flour with water and knead by hand until smooth, then put in molds and steamed. To make the cake more delicious and crispy, people bring it to bake on a charcoal stove.

The buckwheat cakes when they are cooked (Photo: Ngocyenxd).

If you visit the highland markets, you will see women sitting by the charcoal stove baking cakes. The yellowcake is cornmeal cake. White cake is glutinous flour cake. And the cake with light purple color is Ha Giang buckwheat triangle cake.


Thang Dan has never become a specialty snack of Ha Giang, it is also a dish that people here often introduce to guests who first set foot on this rocky plateau. The cake is made from glutinous rice flour, can be made vegetarian or wrapped with bean paste.

It’s not difficult to make a ram, but it requires ingenuity and sophistication. The first is to choose glutinous rice, according to the bakers, it must be Yen Minh sticky rice (a delicious type of sticky rice in Ha Giang), soft and fragrant. Glutinous rice after soaking, draining, and grinding flour, then pour into a cloth bag, wait until the dough is thick and smooth, then bring it out to make cakes. 

The amaranth is molded into small circles (Photo: pystrave).

Each Thang am cake is molded into a round shape, as big as a floating cake, filled with beans, sesame, and coconut. Bring the water to a boil, then drop into boiling, until the cake is cooked, then take it out with the water cooked from the sugar apricot and ginger. The cake is flexible, delicious but more important is still sugar water. Each baker has his own secret to ensure the right spicy and sweet. Bat Thang amaranth after adding sugar water, will be added a little coconut milk, golden roasted peanuts to make it more attractive.

In the cold space of the rustic and peaceful Dong Van Old Quarter, perhaps Thang Dan is an extremely wonderful dish, it is a harmony between the sweetness of sugar, the fat of coconut, and a little spicy, warm enough. hot to dispel the cold in this mountainous region.

Noodle Soup

Ha Giang tourism in addition to admiring the majestic beauty of nature, visitors also have the opportunity to enjoy the diverse culture and cuisine of the ethnic people here, in which you cannot miss enjoying the food. Try Trang Kim Pho in Dong Van.

The bowl of Pho Trang Kim Ha Giang is full of meat and cakes, attracting all visitors (Photo: thu___ha_).

Trang Kim is a place located on the road from Quan Ba ​​to Dong Van, in the middle of the high zone, there is a street about 100m long along both sides of the road in Quyet Tien commune, Quan Ba ​​district. This peaceful village is famous for Pho with a long history – Pho Trang Kim. The dish is famous, not only because it is delicious and attractive but also interesting and “strange” in the delicate and skillful processing of the mountain people’s hands.

The rice noodles are made by hand at every stage. Rice flour is milled by women’s hands. After being hand-coated, the noodles are spread evenly on the cork trees hanging on the roof.

Pho is spread evenly on the bamboo trees hanging on the roof of the house (Photo: kieuhuong.nguyen).

This is the breakfast dish of market-goers and now, Pho Trang Kim is a dish that tourists coming to Ha Giang cannot miss.

Thang Co

Dong Van – Thang Co special dish is a famous dish of the H’Mong people in particular and ethnic minorities in general. Traditional Thang Co is only cooked from horse meat. However, today, the H’Mong have used many different types of cooking such as buffalo meat and beef.

Dong Van – Thang Co special dish is a famous dish of the H’Mong (Photo: vumytrang80).

To cook a traditional Thang Co pot requires 12 different spices including: cardamom, star anise, cinnamon chi, lemongrass, ginger, and many other special spices of the highland people. In which, Thang Co is the last spice.

Thang Co Dong Van is not only unique in ingredients but also attractive in taste.

The way to win is not too complicated. People will take the bones, fat, shredded meat, heart, liver and lungs to clean, marinate spiced with cardamom. After they have soaked, they bring them all to stir-fry to hunt again, continue to add water to the pan, simmer. When it’s cooked, they scoop it out into a bowl and add some boiled horse blood to it. 


Men men is a dish made from corn flour and then steamed, made from a very common ingredient but gives diners special delicious flavors. Maize is the most important step that determines the level of perfection of men men. The more carefully the stuffing, the softer the corn will be and won’t stick together.

Men men is a dish made from plain corn flour (Photo: VNA).

Men men when ripe have an attractive aroma, eats fatty, smooth and supple. Eating with men men is a bowl of sweet soup like pumpkin soup, chayote soup… easy to eat, easy to swallow, and adds to the attractiveness of the dish. Another ingredient to eat men men is grilled chili, which contributes to the attractiveness of the dish.

Menmenen when ripe has an attractive aroma, fatty and smooth taste (Photo: 2dep).

It sounds as simple as that! But to create a brand that is a specialty of Dong Van is not easy, they have to spend a lot of time and effort to get delicious food. Only then will diners enjoy the new memories forever.

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