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Sweet Soup with eggs and meat challenges diners

Chicken egg Sweet Soup, roasted pork filter Sweet Soup, green bean duck egg Sweet Soup can make diners shy because of the combination of seemingly unrelated sweet and salty ingredients.

Chicken egg Sweet Soup

Sweet Soup with eggs and meat challenges diners
Photo: @jennavq/Instagram

As the name suggests, the dish consists of chicken eggs, Sweet Soup as the main ingredients, and seasoning, which is an indispensable dish on the menu of Chinese Sweet Soup shops in Saigon. According to the owner’s share, the dish is simple to prepare, but it also takes a long time to cook.

Boiled chicken eggs with Sweet Soup water for about 2 hours, let them cook so that the outside whites harden, turning the brown color of the Sweet Soup. The Sweet Soup when cooked has a sweet taste, is slightly bitter, and gives off a faint aroma, overpowering the fishy smell of chicken eggs. The dish at first glance is simple, only chicken eggs in a cup of Sweet Soup, diners can use hot or add ice as they like, when eating, roll up a piece of a chicken egg and add a spoon of cold Sweet Soup, feel the combined sweetness. the egg is soft.

Chinese Sweet Soup is not only delicious but also has the effect of clearing body heat and detoxifying the liver. Chopping chicken eggs is a hot dish, often sold at Chinese shops in District 5, District 11, Ho Chi Minh City. The dish is also called sweet soup because it looks like a bowl of soup with quail eggs, beaten eggs cooked with viscous tapioca starch, and has a sweet taste.

The Sweet Soup is simply processed, filtered water mixed with alum sugar is boiled over low heat, then put the boiled eggs, diced tapioca into the pot and season to taste. When the Sweet Soup is boiling, the tapioca is cooked, add tapioca starch mixed with water, egg whites into the pot and stir well. Enjoy hot Sweet Soup, feel the sweetness of alum sugar, the crunchiness of tapioca, and the fat of boiled eggs, if left to cool, it can have a fishy smell of eggs.

Green bean duck egg Sweet Soup

Photo: Nguyen Hong Cuc

The dish is cooked like a regular green bean soup, with green beans washed and then cooked by the kitchen until soft, adding white granulated sugar to the pot. If you want a delicious dish, add soft potato flour, crispy ears, and greasy coconut milk and season to taste.

Duck eggs can be boiled separately, peeled off the shell, and then put in the pot to boil with the ingredients, or more skillfully, leave the eggs raw, gently peel the shells and pour the duck eggs into the cooked pot, the sweet and fatty juices make it. Cook eggs and taste better. In the Southwest region, green bean soup cooked with duck eggs is usually only used within the family, called duck egg Sweet Soup for short. Hotdish, with the sweet and fatty taste of coconut milk, the flesh of green beans, and the richness of duck eggs create a very strange taste.

Roasted Pork Powder Sweet Soup

Photo: @bun.lif/Instagram

This is a dish reminiscent of the dreamy Hue country, in the past, the dish often appeared on the occasion of the death anniversary, the party of the Hue family because the roast pork dish was always on the tray. A part of pork thigh is diced, mixed with rock sugar, added water, then rimmed to infuse the flavor and dried in the shade to make the meat clear, then mixed a little five flavors into the meat for aroma and used as the filling of the staff. Sweet Soup filter powder.

The dish and the two flavors of salty roast meat are in a tough piece of filter powder, combined with the sweet taste of sugar and sand, with a slight scent of ginger and peanuts to make diners “fall in love”. Follow vnexpress

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