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Strange roasted pork tea “unique” in Hue, challenge the culinary devotees

Many diners are curious because sweet soup and roast meat are two sweet and salty, unrelated dishes. However, this seemingly strange combination creates a unique flavor dish in the ancient capital.

Tea is a familiar dish for Vietnamese people. In each place, sweet soup is processed in many different ways, ranging from ingredients to flavors. However, in Hue there is a strange sweet soup dish that makes diners shy, but enjoy it and then “nod” to praise it. It is roasted pork sweet soup.

Right from the name, this dish has made diners curious and somewhat confused because sweet soup and roast meat are two sweet, salty, unrelated dishes when combined. However, for the people of the ancient capital, roasted pork sweet soup has become a famous dish, wherever you go, the taste of this country gift will forever be remembered.

Speaking of Hue cuisine, it is impossible not to mention the “famous” roasted pork sweet soup. Photo: Nguyen An

Roasted pork sweet soup is actually filtered powder coated with roasted meat. Hue people have very delicate eating habits, so the combination in the dish is not accidental, but also hides the philosophy of yin and yang, the five elements. Therefore, roasted pork sweet soup sounds strange, but when eaten together, it has its own taste.

With the main ingredients are filter flour and meat, to make delicious sweet soup, the processor needs to have finesse and skill.

You must choose a delicious filter powder, knead it with warm water until it is smooth and supple, and it does not stick to the standard. Then break the dough into small balls to cover the filling.

Strange roasted pork tea “unique” in Hue, challenge the culinary devotees
As the name suggests, roasted pork sweet soup consists of 2 main ingredients: filter powder and roast pork. Photo: Nguyen Hoang Bao

Finished roast meat is chopped into a pomegranate seed, mix well with salt, sugar and ginger juice and simmer on a low heat. When the mixture is dry, draw it out, let it cool, then dry it for the meat to be clear, then mix a little more five flavors, creating a characteristic aroma.

The finished meat filling is placed in the middle of the filter dough, wrapped thoroughly and made into circles so that it is very tight. Evenly hand to not reveal the flesh, the dough is not too thin to avoid cracking when boiled.

The spiced roast pork, seasoned and simmered, is the decisive factor for the very flavor of this sweet soup. Photo: Nguyen Hoang Bao

Finally the sugar water slug. The alum sugar is put in a low heat pot, when it turns yellow, add filtered water. When the water is boiling, gently drop each powdered pellet. Wait a few minutes, the ripe dough will turn clear, float out then take out. You can add ginger and glutinous leaves (pineapple leaves) to the sugar water mixture for a better flavor.

Scoop the filter powder into a bowl or cup, fill with sugar water and sprinkle with roasted sesame seeds, creating a strange roast pork sweet soup. The salty, muddy taste of the roasted meat has been seasoned with the toughness, crispness of the filter powder, mixed with the sweet sugar water, making diners remember to eat once.

Consisting of simple ingredients, but the dish contains the ingenuity of the processor, creating a unique flavor that does not mix with any sweet soup. Photo: Nguyen Hoang Bao

In the past, this dish was often appeared during the death anniversary and party of the local people because roasted pig was often in the tray. Small pieces of meat are sliced ​​to make sweet soup ingredients. Over time roasted pork sweet soup is more popular and becomes an irresistible dish of Hue.

Each cup of sweet soup costs only from 10,000 VND with 4 filtered powder pellets, not too much but enough for diners to feel the strange aftertaste of the dish. If you want, you can also pay extra for the seller to increase the amount of filtered powder and comfortably enjoy the “famous” sweet soup cup.

The sweetness of sugar combined with the greasy, salty pork flavor of roasted pork in a supple filter, lightly flavored with ginger makes diners not bored. Photo: @ duyentrinh_0112

When coming to Hue, visitors do not have to struggle to find this sweet soup anywhere because almost every sweet soup shop has it. Even on trolleys, they also sell roasted pork sweet soup.

For those who enjoy roasted pork sweet soup for the first time, it is not easy to be satisfied with the strange taste, but once you get used to it, you will feel indulged in gifting the ancient capital.

Many people show their talent to make pork sweet soup at home because they … too crave. Photo: Anh Quy

Ms. Hoai Anh – a tourist from Hanoi shared: “Every time I go to Hue, I have to go to the restaurant to get used to enjoying roasted pork sweet soup immediately. This dish is delicious hot or cold. Summer, enjoy a glass of roasted pork sweet soup. With pureed ice, it makes me feel so cool to my neck. The taste is really unforgettable “.

“The first time I enjoyed roasted pork sweet soup, I was curious about what taste because roast meat is greasy, it must be difficult to eat with sweets. But after eating it, it feels good, sweet soup is sweet It is both salty, chewy and crunchy. You must enjoy it slowly, chew it thoroughly to feel all the flavor of this sweet soup, “expressed a gourmet.

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