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24 dishes “colorful” Sweet Soup shop, selling 400 cups every night in Hue

 The photo of a colorful, beautifully decorated Sweet Soup shop in Hue was taken by a foreign tourist and posted on social networks, attracting the attention of international friends.

Sweet Soup is an ordinary gift for Vietnamese people. In each region, Sweet Soup is modified with many different flavors and ingredients. But perhaps Hue Sweet Soup is the most famous and loved.

Having a special affection for Vietnam, freelance photographer Alden Anderson has spent a lot of time exploring the culture, cuisine and people of the S-shaped land and introducing it to international friends.

Recently, he shared on the Reddit forum a photo of a tea shop “24 shades” in the ancient capital of Hue and quickly received a lot of attention from the foreign online community.

“Che is also known as “sweet soup” in English. Hue – Central Vietnam is famous for many kinds of tea with diverse fillings. Too many flavors to choose also became a challenge that made me have to eat several cups to eat. taste the taste of each tea… 

There are 4 people at the tea shop to serve customers. With such a large number of dishes, it must have taken them a lot of effort to prepare. I am enjoying my cup of tea on a summer evening on the banks of the Perfume River of the ancient capital of Vietnam” , … Alden Anderson introduced in the article.

Hue’s “colorful” tea shop makes many foreign tourists admire and enjoy (Photo: Alden Anderson/@360nomad).

According to the young photographer, this tea shop is only sold in the evening at the foot of Trang Tien bridge, on the banks of the Perfume River. Although there is no fancy sign or luxurious space, the shop still becomes famous and welcomes a large number of guests to enjoy tea every day.

The shop sells about 400 cups of tea every evening with 24 different dishes. The composition of the dish includes ingredients from green beans, potatoes, black beans, tapioca, lotus seeds, jellies, pudding…  

24 dishes “colorful” Sweet Soup shop, selling 400 cups every night in Hue
Diners can enjoy the flavors of all dishes in just a cup of colorful mixed tea or eat each type separately according to their preferences (Photo: @what2eathere).

In addition to ordering separately to feel the full flavor of each tea, diners often choose to eat mixed with a few toppings. Just add a little crushed ice to have a cool, sweet dessert right away. 

Not only impressing with the “hands-on” menu of more than 20 dishes, the tea shop has also become an inspiration for many photographers like Alden Anderson to show off their photography skills.

24 dishes tea shop, eye-catching layout makes diners excited to take pictures (Photo: @Chutrieulong).

The natural and diverse colors of ingredients such as purple potatoes, black beans, green nuggets, red and white pearls, etc., combine to create impressive visual effects. statue.

Each cup of tea costs about 10,000 – 20,000 VND, depending on the dish. Guests can enjoy tea with cool shaved ice in the summer or enjoy hot tea dishes in the winter. 

The popular Vietnamese tea cups have become an attractive street food for foreign tourists (Photo: @riiim.kio).

Although it is a simple and rustic dish, each cup of tea contains the culinary culture of Hue in particular and Vietnam in general. From vegetables to fruits of all kinds, even roast pork can become ingredients to make famous delicious tea dishes, making visitors remember once and for all. Follow Dan trí


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