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If you come to Hue and want to experience the dreamland from a different perspective for less than 500,000 VND, you should come here

Suppose you are a person who likes to travel and explore and is passionate about immersing yourself in pristine nature. In that case, Anor Waterfall is a destination worth experiencing for you.

Anor Waterfall is one of the beautiful waterfalls hidden among the pristine mountains and forests of A Luoi. With its multi-hued beauty, both majestic and majestic, poetic and dreamy, this place has become an ideal destination for those who love travelling to Hue and is increasingly popular. In addition to the beautiful natural scenery, this waterfall is also famous for its interesting experiential activities and cuisine rich in local identity.

Anor is a stream in Hong Kim commune, A Luoi town, Thua Thien Hue province. 75km drive from Hue city center.

Surrounding the waterfall is lush green vegetation, dotted with wildflowers with a faint fragrance and especially always bustling with bird sounds.

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1. Travel costs: 67,000 VND/person

With this distance, you can go by car or motorbike. But for the most convenience for those who come here for the first time, you can choose as follows:

From the center of Hue city, if you want to go to the stream, go to the southern bus station, buy a Phuong Trang bus ticket, and travel to A Luoi town, which takes about 2 hours (67,000 VND/trip, students are subsidized 5,000 VND). VND/turn).


2. Meal cost: 300,000 VND/person

Eating and drinking in this area is quite cheap, so during your 2-day and 1-night stay here, you don't need to budget too much.

Accordingly, you can refer to restaurant No. 79 Ho Chi Minh Street. Here, the prices are extremely reasonable, and the forest specialties are extremely diverse: wild chickens, stream frogs, bamboo shoots, pupae, porcupines,... The average price of dishes is from 60,000 - 80,000 VND/dish.

Therefore, if you go in a group for 2 days and 1 night, you only need to prepare about 300,000 VND.

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3. Accommodation cost: 120,000 VND/person/night

The town center doesn't have many places to play, so people go straight to the stream and book a homestay there. Homestay rental prices are low, only ranging from 100,000 - 120,000 VND/person/night. For example, Quoc Canh homestay (120,000 VND/person/night)...

4. Entertainment costs: Free

It only takes about 10 minutes to walk from the homestay to the Anor stream. There is a service to rent a stall to rest and serve local mountain and forest dishes at the stall (average price from 50,000 - 100,000 VND/dish). The stream here is quite clear and extremely clean, cool and, importantly, still retains its inherent wildness.

Wish you have a happy trip!

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