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Explore the majestic Anor waterfall in the middle of Vietnam's Truong Son mountains

Anor Waterfall is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the A Luoi mountains. Visitors coming here will be immersed in the vast mountain and forest space, immersing themselves in the cool water and watching the water bubbles flying white across the sky.
Visitors can travel to Hue to explore many beautiful landscaapes, especially the Anor waterfall. This place is as beautiful as an ink painting, wild and magnificent. Visitors come here for a cool bath and experience many interesting, fun activities.

1. Where is Anor Waterfall?

Address: waterfall in Viet Tien village, Hong Kim commune, A Luoi district, Thua Thien Hue province
Anor Waterfall is about 4.9km from the center of A Luoi district. Although the road to A Nor waterfall is quite far, on the way, visitors can immerse themselves in the cool green space of nature to soothe all feelings of fatigue throughout the journey.

2. Origin of A Nor waterfall formation

A Nor waterfall is hidden deep in the Truong Son mountain range. No one knows when this place existed, only that the waterfall has existed since the beginning of the mountain. During the years of resistance against colonialism and imperialism, A Nor waterfall was a haven for soldiers.

In 2017, Anor waterfall was founded by the local government and became a destination attracting many tourists thanks to achieving 3/3 of the criteria for tourist destination recognition, such as: "Having tourism resources - Having boundaries on the village. - Have infrastructure and services to ensure tourism."

3. Detailed guide to exploring the Anor Waterfall tourist area

3.1. Ideal time to travel to Anor Hue waterfall
Anor Waterfall's weather is quite mild in the transition zone between the two regions. Each season of the year here has its beauty; you can arrange your schedule as you please. However, the ideal time is from February to August; the weather is sunny, suitable for exploring nature and bathing in streams.
3.2. Ticket price to visit A Nor waterfall
To visit A Nor waterfall, visitors can buy tickets outside the gate. With only 5,000 VND/person, visitors can freely explore the charming water beauty at Anor waterfall and enjoy a refreshing bath.
3.3. Guide to Anor A Luoi waterfall in Hue
To A Nor waterfall, visitors start from Minh Mang Street, turn onto National Highway AH1 and then go to Tuan Bridge and go straight to A Luoi. Moving to the mountainous district of A Luoi, you have to pass many different passes. However, the passes here are quite low and easy to go, so you can safely travel by motorbike. After reaching the center of A Luoi district, you continue for about 3km, and you will see a signboard to enter A Nor waterfall.

4. What is interesting about the Anor Waterfall tourist area?

4.1. Experience bathing in the stream at Anor waterfall

Visitors will be able to float among the vast Truong Son mountains freely. In particular, visitors can listen to birds chirping at the forest's edge, immerse themselves in the cool water, and watch the waterfalls like silk ribbons with white foam pouring down.

4.2. Explore the beauty of highland mountains and forests

A Nor Waterfall is as beautiful and gentle as a beautiful girl sleeping soundly in the mountains and forests of a dreamland. This place is surrounded by a large forest with lush vegetation dotted with red azalea flowers on the cliffs. The sound of the gurgling stream, the chirping of birds, the sound of the wind, everything is like a chorus in the middle of the jungle.A Nor Waterfall has 3 consecutive waterfalls. At the foot of the waterfall is a large, clear blue lake; the surrounding air is cool, and the water foam is white, like a layer of mist covering the sky.
4.3. Learn about the local culture

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After exploring and bathing in the stream to your heart's content, visitors can go to Viet Tien village to explore the cultural identity of the ethnic people here. That is participating in the festival space with the melodies of koi, cha church, the sound of gongs and drums of Ta Oi, Pa Co ethnic boys and girls, or hearing about the heroic struggle and history of the A Luoi upland people.

Besides, coming to A Luoi Highland, visitors should remember to enjoy special dishes such as bamboo-tube rice, pickled pork, grilled fish, fish sauce, etc.

5. What to note when exploring Anor waterfall

The journey to Anor waterfall is quite long; you can bring some snacks to energize you. Besides, please fill the tank with gas to avoid running out of gas along the way.

If you intend to stay overnight in A Luoi, you must wear warm clothes because the night temperature here is quite low. However, the weather in A Luoi is quite sunny during the day, so you should wear protective clothing.
Remember to pack essential items such as gloves, masks and drinking water.
The road to Anor waterfall is mainly a mountain pass and quite dangerous, so you need to choose vehicles with powerful engines.

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