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Wandering in the west of Quang Tri, Vietnam

The western region of Quang Tri has many untouched and impressive places with fresh air and pleasant weather, even in hot summer, for visitors to explore.
Many travelers do not view Quang Tri as a destination full of exciting new experiences. Historical locations, including Quang Tri Ancient Citadel, Hien Luong Bridge, and La Vang Sanctuary, are popular tourist destinations in this central province.

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Quang Tri, however, is home to numerous stunning, striking, and unaltered natural landscapes.

"I was born and raised in Quang Tri; later, I came to live and work in Da Lat. On every trip back to my hometown, I spend some time discovering the beauty of my homeland, with the desire to spread the impressive landscapes of the heroic land to friends and tourists. And I am always surprised by the beauty of Quang Tri", said Tran Minh Hieu, a tourist guy.

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Hieu spent three days and two nights at the beginning of July, seeing the Dong Ha region and the western part of Quang Tri. This country has stunning terrain with lush woods, refreshing streams, waterfalls, and hospitable people. However, it needs to be better known to travelers. It is like a hidden gem. Social media users praised the boy's uploaded photos.


In the early morning of the first day, Hieu moved from Dong Ha city center to Trieu Lang beach, An Luu village lotus pond, and Quang Tri ancient citadel. At noon, he returned to the motel in Dong Ha to rest. After that, he and his friends visited a lonely tree at Rao Quan hydroelectric lake. At the end of the afternoon, they went to camp overnight on Cu Vo Peak.

On day two, after successfully hunting rattan on Cu Vo Peak, Hieu went to Nam Mua Bungalows Resort, Sa Mu Pass, Ta Puong waterfall. On the second night, Hieu's group stayed at this resort. The cost is 800,000 VND/two-bedroom apartment.

The next day, he went to Homi Coffee, a spot popular with young people for its picturesque views of the mountains and lyrical rivers, before going back to Dong Ha.

"The timetable traveled through a few spots, but I set it up correctly on the same path because the places weren't too far apart. From Dong Ha to the sea route, it took about 30 minutes by car, and from Dong Ha to the western mountainous road of Quang Tri, the furthest point was about 50km," Hieu said.
Hieu's party (which consisted of 4 people) decided to rent a 4-seater automobile because Quang Tri's summers are extremely hot and sunny to travel fast and easily. Renting a motorcycle will cost you far less money.

Minh Hieu advised how to escape the hottest part of the day: "Visitors should get up early in the morning to see the sea or visit some places near the sea before the sun is too high."

Interesting experiences

The camping excursion and early morning cloud-spotting atop Cu Vo Peak with Hieu was the highlight of the vacation. Backpackers have long "classified" Cu Vo in Huong Linh commune (Huong Hoa, Quang Tri) as the location to: "Watch the most beautiful sunrise in Quang Tri province" and "The ideal place to hunt clouds in Quang Tri province." When looking down, tourists may see the Rao Quan hydroelectric lake bed and the wind farm located far away in the Huong Linh commune.

"In the evening, the weather on the top of the mountain is very pleasant; it will be cold like Da Lat, fresh, and there is a beautiful sunset. My friends and I grill BBQ, sit, sing, and talk. At night, the weather is even cold. I am subjective, so I don't bring a warm blanket," Minh Hieu said.

Hieu says tent rental and tour services are available at Cu Vo Peak. Newcomers can learn how to make reservations for services.
Hieu's party visited Ta Puong and Chenh Venh waterfalls while on the excursion.
The trekking route to the foot of the waterfall is close, a few hundred meters from Chenh Venh Waterfall and 1.5km from Ta Puong Waterfall. However, the scenery is beautiful, enough to make visitors go crazy.

Chenh Venh waterfall is in Huong Phung commune, Huong Hoa district, Quang Tri. If traveling from Dong Ha, travelers move along Highway 9 for about 60 km until they reach Khe Sanh, where they turn right and proceed along the Ho Chi Minh Road West branch. After passing Huong Phung commune (Huong Hoa), they travel another 40 km until they reach the base of Sa Mu pass, where Chenh Veh waterfall flows day and night. Mother Waterfall is located in the vicinity of the Chenh Venh Waterfall.

At the foot of Mother Waterfall is a large, deep blue lake.
Unlike Chenh Venh Huong Phung waterfall, Ta Puong waterfall in Huong Viet, in addition to the waterfall system, also has a small high cave about 10m wide and 200m deep into the mountain. Ta Puong Cave, Ta Puong 1, Ta Puong 2, and Ta Puong 3 waterfalls are the names locals give to the cave and three waterfalls in the Ta Puong picturesque region.

"Ta Puong" in Bru-Van Kieu means "Where there is a waterfall from the high mountain". Visitors may enjoy three magnificent waterfalls (over 35 meters high) from the summit.

The most exquisite and lyrical waterfall is Ta Puong 3; from a distance, it appears to be silky silver silk that shines out against the lush forest. Visitors would enjoy swimming in the tranquil lake at the waterfall's base because of the water's clarity and mild temperature.

"As a son of Quang Tri, I was very surprised by the natural landscape of my homeland," said Minh Hieu.

In addition to the places mentioned above, Hieu suggested that visitors can explore Cua Viet Beach, Vinh Moc tunnels, Con Co Island, Mui Treo, Ru Linh primeval forest, etc.,

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