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Da Nang is aiming for a wedding tourism destination

On the afternoon of December 15, the Da Nang Tourism Promotion Center organized a discussion on "Current status and solutions for developing wedding tourism in Da Nang City".

Orienting wedding tourism as one of the important market segments in the coming time, the discussion "Current status and solutions for developing wedding tourism in Da Nang City" was organized to connect policymakers and the business community to jointly develop Da Nang into an attractive wedding tourism destination, conveying the message "Da Nang, The Origin of Happiness".

The "starting shot" for a series of plans to develop wedding tourism in 2024-2025

Attending the discussion were representatives of the Da Nang Department of Tourism, representatives of the Vietnam Trade Counselor in India, speakers and more than 100 guests attending in person and online who are tourism service providers, wedding services, domestic and international wedding event organizers...

The discussion is considered a "starting shot" for a series of plans to develop wedding tourism in 2024-2025, attracting the attention and valuable opinions of tourism workers and organizations. wedding event.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Hoai An is the City Tourism Promotion Center director. Da Nang said: "Tourism workers have cherished the idea of developing wedding tourism for a long time. But this will be when we are determined and unanimous in capturing this market segment, offering an action plan to engage the business community, develop a service ecosystem and create a wedding destination brand that Da Nang deserves."

ussion covered the current capacity of Da Nang wedding destination through survey results as well as practical experiences of industry experts, thereby approving the Draft Wedding Tourism Development Plan. Da Nang 2024 - 2025 and Pilot program to attract wedding tourists.

At the same time, a special discussion connects with domestic and international wedding event organizers to bring the public useful information about the wedding tourism market and how to attract and meet the requirements of wedding customers in this segment.

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Golden time for wedding travel

In the past 5 years, wedding tourism products have been considered a development strategy for many Asian countries, especially Southeast Asia, taking advantage of the natural resources of tropical islands and cultural values. Unique features and attractive event organization costs. Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam are gradually appearing on the list of wedding destinations chosen by the North American and Asian markets - the two largest wedding markets with an estimated value of 28.8 billion USD and 23 billion USD.

Not only does it have opportunities thanks to the general growth trend of wedding tourism in Southeast Asia, but Da Nang is also taking advantage of the increase and significant interest of the Indian tourist market, one of the countries famous for its lavish travel weddings with a wedding market value of more than 45 billion USD in 2022 and estimated to reach 100 billion USD by 2025.

2023, although direct flights cannot be restored, the total number of Indian visitors to Da Nang will reach 68,753, accounting for 4.64% of the international visitor structure to Da Nang.

Compared to 105,425 total Indian visitors to Vietnam, for every 2 Indians travelling to Vietnam, 1 person will come to Da Nang. Da Nang and surrounding areas soon "caught the eye" of wedding event organizers, with more than 20 Indian wedding events in the past 2 years, and it is expected that 6 weddings will be held in the first 2 months of 2024.

At the discussion, many opinions were shared by Indian wedding event organizers about the difficulties in organizing weddings, including the limitations of the local wedding service ecosystem when compared to other countries with familiar wedding destinations like Thailand, as well as obstacles in local management policies. Through connections and open sharing, issues are highlighted and discussed between management agencies and the business community, aiming for specific solutions shortly.

Mr. Prabhakar Singh (Parker), Director of Sales and Marketing Furamamàm, said that with a beautiful stretch of coastline, the Ba Na cable car system as well as the geographical advantage of being the center of cultural heritage, Da Nang will be an ideal destination for Indian tourists to visit, travel and organize weddings...

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A Da Nang Tourism Association representative also shared that the discussion is considered a push and launch for a series of plans to develop wedding tourism in 2024-2025, attracting attention and valuable opinions. A treasure for those working in tourism and wedding event organizers./.

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