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'Extremely cool' creative space in the heart of Hanoi's ancient village

Located in Duong Lam ancient village (Son Tay, Hanoi), Doai Creative is a creative space renovated from old kiosks to preserve culture and create many interesting activities for visitors when "returning to the village".

Once a row of 7 tiled-roofed sales kiosks with an area of about 100 square meters that had deteriorated, the Management Board of Duong Lam Ancient Village Relics, Architect Khuat Van Thang and the people have renovated this location into a creative space to serve children in the ancient village and tourists visiting.

Doai Creative has an architecture imbued with the traditional culture of the Northern Delta villages, in harmony with the common space of Mong Phu village - the core area of Duong Lam's ancient village heritage.



The row of houses was renovated based on the original basic foundation, retaining the old structure and only minimal architectural planning.

Architect Khuat Van Thang has exploited old materials that can still be salvaged, using friendly and familiar materials of Duong Lam, such as wood, earthen walls, tile roofs,...



The old brick-and-mortar wall was covered with soil mixed with straw according to the traditional method of the Northern Delta, preserving its ancient features and creating a cozy and close feeling.

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The space inside Doai Creative has been arranged to become a place for exhibitions, art performances, workshops, creative development and several services to serve tourists visiting the ancient village.





A special feature is that the creative activities are based on the traditional culture of Duong Lam ancient village.

Instead of being thrown away, the ancient tiles in Duong Lam were used as creative materials, along with old bricks and old doors... so visitors could draw and sculpt with clay or implement new ideas.

Tourists, especially children, are very interested in this activity.

Besides learning about funny nose tiles, visitors also have the opportunity to learn about traditional items and crafts of the ancient village.

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In the early days of winter, the profound, ancient and nostalgic beauty of Doai Creative is enhanced by the bright sunlight, making visitors' steps slower to feel the harmonious beauty of past and present fully.


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