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The slope is known as the most challenging in Ha Giang, Vietnam; the scene below is considered "miniature Switzerland"

Standing on the slope, many tourists must admire that the view looking down is like a "miniature Switzerland".

Ha Giang is famous for tourists because of its majestic natural scenery and typical passes and slopes. Not only are these passes and slopes beautiful, but they are also a challenge for travel enthusiasts with their steepness and challenges. Among them, a slope is considered the most dangerous, but it combines both thorny and poetic beauty, especially when standing from a slope looking down.

After being posted on social networks, the images taken while looking down from this slope have been commented on by many tourists as a "miniature Switzerland." There is a small asphalt road winding around the valley with diverse vegetation. In the distance are small rooftops interwoven, hidden in the dim clouds.


The slope being mentioned is Chin Khoanh slope, Ha Giang. Visitors will need to travel about 120km from Ha Giang city center, taking about 3 hours to get here. This slope is part of National Highway 4C - the land's lifeline at the Fatherland's beginning.

Chin Khoanh slope is part of Bac Sum slope, connecting two famous tourist destinations in Ha Giang: Pho Cao and Sung La. The Chin Khoanh slope is on the mountainside, with many sleeves and U-shaped corners connected close together. Because of the above location and characteristics, the terrain is zigzag but also brings impressive beauty to the Chin Khoanh slope. When placed next to other famous slopes in Ha Giang, such as Tham Ma Slope, Phai Lung Slope, or Xin Cai Slope, Chin Khoanh Slope is still considered the most challenging and impressive slope.

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The slope challenges adventurous enthusiasts.

Doc Chin Khoanh attracts backpackers who love adventure and exploration and want to conquer challenging lands. Right from the name, it shows the difficulty of the Chin Khoanh slope. Specifically, "Chin Khoanh" refers to this slope's 9 "characteristic" bends. Among them, 5 curves are considered difficult and dangerous. Because of this, many travel enthusiasts spread the saying: "Chin Khoanh Slope is a place that makes horses hesitate and makes people's feet ache."

To conquer the Chin Khoanh slope, visitors must first prepare a vehicle, such as a motorbike or car, with a strong engine, a steady profit, and a courageous spirit. Due to a lack of preparation, many tourist groups encountered vehicle problems on the way to conquer the slope and had to get out to push the cart. For car-sick tourists, the best vehicle to choose is a motorbike.


If you successfully conquer the Chin Khoanh slope, this will be a proud achievement for "travelers." Tourist Quoc Dat shared: "Going 200km on the pass takes more than 5 hours; going down the pass is tiring for the steering wheel. But if you can go once without getting drunk, you will want to continue. Conquering this steep mountain pass is nothing." No pass can scare you."

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The poetic beauty of the steep, thorny slope

Viewing from the Chin Khoanh slope, visitors will be amazed by the scenery of the rocky plateau, the rolling mountains and forests or the small roofs below the valley, gradually appearing in the mist and hazy clouds. And yet, in the distance are fields of buckwheat flowers that bloom every season. The above characteristics have created poetic beauty mixed with the thorns and challenges of the most dangerous slope in Ha Giang.


Challenging the steering wheel, taking a deep breath to fill your chest with fresh air, and looking out to see the vast, majestic nature experiences no backpacker or tourist can experience. Remember when they successfully conquered the Chin Khoanh slope? Some tourists even commented that if you go once, you will want to go forever, and after returning, you will miss it.

After completing the Chin Khoanh slope, visitors can visit several nearby locations to complete the trip. These include Dong Van Stone Plateau, Sung La, Pho Cao, and others. These are all famous destinations and cannot be missed when visiting Ha Giang.

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