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Tham Ma slope Ha Giang – the road that leads us to the majestic scenery

Ha Giang Tham Ma slope is a special piece that creates a magnificent natural picture for the northernmost land of the country. For those who have ever traveled to Ha Giang, traveling on this road is an impressive and memorable experience. For those who have never been there, the slope is still a mystery to be discovered. 

About Tham Ma slope Ha Giang 

Tham Ma Ha Giang slope is a pass road located on Highway 4C, connecting Meo Vac district and Ha Giang city. This place is mentioned as one of the most dangerous and dangerous passes in the North. That’s why backpackers love to conquer this road. 

A section of Tham Ma slope

Tham Ma slope consists of 9 beautiful bends winding around mountains and hills. However, conquering it is not an easy challenge, especially for those who experience the road for the first time. And the worthy gift for those who overcome it is the Dong Van rock plateau with its breathtaking scenery. There are some famous places that you can easily combine sightseeing when conquering Tham Ma slope:  Dong Van old town, Cao street,  Lung Cu flagpole , northernmost landmark,… 

Lung Cu flagpole (Photo: dat.dee_)

This slope has a not too big difference but there are very dangerous bends, only for those who are passionate about conquering. 

(Photo: boo.iu)

Instructions on how to go to Tham Ma slope 

Starting from Ha Giang city to reach Tham Ma slope, you just go along Highway 4C. The slope is also the first destination in the journey to discover the famous rocky plateau. 

(Photo: phuongpi01_)

Legend of Tham Ma slope

The name of the Tham Ma slope in Ha Giang is derived from a few stories told by the elders in the old village about the way of life of ethnic minorities. At that time, the almost only tool was the horse. In order to determine whether the horse is good or weak, the horse carts are carried from the bottom to the top of the slope. The horses that pass, the people will keep them as production tools, the weaker horses will be slaughtered. In a nutshell, this is the slope of “appraisal of horsepower”. 

(Photo: ahngx_)

The slope is not only a test of horse strength but also a test of people’s hearts. Legend has it that couples who love each other, if they hold hands and go through this road, will have a good relationship and stay together for life.

Tham Ma slope Ha Giang – the road that leads us to the majestic scenery
(Photo: _jezc)
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Spectacular scenery on the slopes of Tham Ma Ha Giang 

The natural scenery on the Tham Ma slope creates a very special attraction for tourists. Conquering this road, you will clearly feel how majestic the height of the Ha Giang plateau is. On one side is a towering mountain, on the other is an invisible abyss that seems to be about to fall. 

The scenery here is very majestic (Photo: giaghama.1997)

However, on this slope, there are still quite open positions where you can see the immense rice fields of the local people. After conquering, stand back and look at the distance that you have just crossed, watching the surrounding scenery looks great. The image of the winding road like soft silk “flowing” through the cliff creates the attraction for Tham Ma slope. 

(Photo: luuw.91)

Looking down from above, the Tham Ma Ha Giang’s slope appears extremely majestic. The bends of the sleeves of death suddenly turned into knots for a large silk band. The 5km distance is indeed a short but interesting journey for those who love to conquer. From the road, looking to the two sides you will see the high stone walls standing up, precariously seemingly falling down easily. Just below is a deep abyss. 

The highland babies are so lovely (Photo: thanhnguyen.207)

Local people often take advantage of the vacant land below to grow food to improve their lives. The life of the people here is still difficult, so rice and corn are still the main sources of income for the people. Every afternoon when sunset falls on Tham Ma slope, you will easily see the top children with their mothers returning home, carrying baskets of flowers and corn on their shoulders. Although it was a bit hard, it was always filled with laughter. 

(Photo: nemuchoco)

The beautiful scenery is heartbreaking when standing on the slope of Tham Ma Ha Giang 

Passing the successive bends of the sleeves, stopping at the top of the slope of Tham Ma Ha Giang, you can look back to Cao Street, in the distance is a glimpse of the villages of the H’mong people. floating in the clouds. Pho Cao is home to many ancient houses with bold Hmong architecture hundreds of years old. These are houses made of earth, roofed with yin and yang tiles, surrounded by stone gates. This place has a simple and peaceful beauty that makes many people unable to stop. 

Ancient beauty in Pho Cao

Standing on the slope, looking around at the high, sharp mountains that seemed to pierce the sky. And in the middle of the cliff gate of the stone country are the beautiful flowers that are bewilderingly beautiful. Pho Cao is also an ideal place to see the beautiful and brilliant buckwheat flowers against the harsh weather. The flowers grow crept, crammed at the foot of the rocky mountains, creating a scene that is both poetic and majestic. 

The field of colorful buckwheat flowers

Coming to Tham Ma slope in Ha Giang in spring, the beautiful scenery here is like hypnotizing you. The rough peach trees covered here with moss at the base and the pink peach blossoms bloomed, shy in the morning dew, showing off their pristine beauty between heaven and earth. When the weather becomes warmer in the land of Dong Van, it is also the time when the mustard fields show off their brilliant yellow color, adorning Pho Cao with a beautiful yellow shirt. Standing and admiring the scenery, you can see that this place is so peaceful!

(Photo: 22.noww)

There is no need for ostentatious beauty like other famous tourist destinations. It is the craziness, difficulties, rusticity and wildness that have created an irresistible attraction for the Tham Ma Ha Giang slope . Surely you as well as many other backpackers will feel excited and excited when conquering this road. 

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