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A lightning trip to hunt clouds and buckwheat

HA GIANG – Nguyen Anh Chiem is lucky when he can both hunt clouds and see buckwheat flowers in one day.

Nguyen Anh Chiem, 41 years old, living in Hanoi has just had a two-day and one-night trip from November 3 to 4 to hunt rattan and buckwheat flowers. The place he chose to visit is Suoi Thau steppe, Ha Giang.

“I chose this place because Suoi Thau is in the best season of buckwheat. The weather is also very supportive of a cloud hunt. In the same day, both hunting clouds and seeing buckwheat is very rare, so the trip is very rare. considered a complete success,” he said. What he feels most regretful about is that he cannot bring his wife with him because she is busy with work.

A lightning trip to hunt clouds and buckwheat
Mr. Nguyen Anh Chiem stood watching the clouds in the morning at Suoi Thau steppe.

Accompanying him this time were a couple of close friends, who also share the same passion for photography, love the unspoiled nature of the Northwest mountains. The three departed from Hanoi at 3pm, arriving at Suoi Thau at 2am the next morning. The group rested and woke up at 5am to have breakfast, catch the sunrise, take pictures. At 14:00 on the same day, they departed for Hanoi.

The group drove on their own, followed the Hanoi – Lao Cai highway, turned right at Lu street and followed Bac Ha street to Suoi Thau. Because the purpose of the trip is determined to be backpacking, everything such as eating and resting for three people is simple and compact. The average cost per person is about one million VND.

However, the male tourist advised people not to study according to this schedule. Because if calculated in hours, they actually only go 24 hours with a total distance of travel (both on and off) of more than 800 km. “Walking like this is very tiring, only suitable for people with good health, professional backpackers, passionate about hunting clouds and flowers. In addition, you need to have a hard steering wheel because you have to go by car for a long, difficult distance. go,” he said. If you want to visit Ha Giang, the suitable time is 4-5 days.

The schedule was difficult, but in return, the group of Hanoi tourists was treated by the nature of Suoi Thau with a breathtaking sea of ​​clouds and beautiful blooming fields of buckwheat flowers.

In addition to Suoi Thau, visitors can go to Dong Van rock plateau to hunt buckwheat flowers.

Suoi Thau steppe is 146 hectares wide, in Xin Man district, about 5 km from Coc Pai town and located at an altitude of 1,200 m. This place is one of the attractive destinations of the province, known for its very “western” nicknames such as miniature Switzerland or Europe in the heart of Ha Giang.

Suoi Thau makes a strong impression on visitors by its picturesque landscape, stretching green trees and surrounded by immense hills, rice fields, and corn fields. Each season, this destination brings different experiences for visitors. On the occasion of October-November, Suoi Thau will “treat” visitors with picturesque fields of pink and white buckwheat flowers.

Chiem shared that Suoi Thau has a cool climate. In November, the temperature at night and in the morning is cold, so bring a warm jacket. Standing on the steppe, you can see the whole picture of the Chay River below and watch the clouds in the morning over the mountains in Pa Vai Su, Then Phan, Ta Nhiu communes…

Photo: Nguyen Anh Chiem

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