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Top 8 specialties bought by Ha Giang as the ideal gift

After traveling and visiting Ha Giang counters, many people wonder what they should buy to give to relatives and friends. Below is a suggestion of specialties bought by Ha Giang as the ideal gift in Dong Van rocky plateau.

‘Face point’ top 8 specialties bought by Ha Giang as the most popular gift

Kitchen buffalo meat

Kitchen buffalo meat is a typical dish all year round. This dish is often stored in the house by the Black Thais in Ha Giang as food for daily meal processing. Buffalo meat is taken from the corn of domestic buffaloes and cows in the Northwest mountainous areas. Buffalo corn after surgery is marinated with spices and then hung upstairs to dry gradually. This dish is famous for its delicious and delicious taste and is popular with tourists when visiting Ha Giang and gradually becomes a  specialty bought by Ha Giang as a  famous gift , which is loved by many people.

Top 8 specialties bought by Ha Giang as the ideal gift
Kitchen buffalo meat is loved by many young people

Honey of Ha Giang mint flower

 In Ha Giang, there is a very special type of honey called mint honey. This mint is only available in October to January next year, when mint flowers on Dong Van rock plateau bloom. So not everyone who comes to Ha Giang can buy, but has to wait for the flower season. Mint honey is a specialty Ha Giang should buy as a gift for relatives , famous for the sweet aroma of honey and the cool minty flavor, blending with the sun and wind of the Ha Giang plateau. a special taste that cannot be found in any other land.

Mint honey is good for health

Ha Giang corn wine

Corn wine is a special drink in Ha Giang . This is a wine made by the H’mong ethnic group. Wine is made from corn seeds grown on rocky mountains and traditional glaze, and is especially sweet and delicious when drinking. Therefore, this special drink makes many visitors have to try as soon as they arrive in Ha Giang.

A famous aromatic wine in Ha Giang

Shan Tuyet Tea Hoang Su Phi

Among the top 8 specialties bought by Ha Giang as a gift is Shan Tuyet tea. Ha Giang is famous for many ancient tea hills, called Shan Tuyet. The reason is called Shan Tuyet because the branches and stems of Shan Tuyet tea are covered with a layer of lichen that is white as snow. Tea tree has many big leaves and buds are healthy and resistant to humidity and cold. Harvesting tea is also very special, one has to climb the big tea tree and pick bunches of tea on high branches. Guest areas as tourism in Ha Giang can just explore the hills of Shan Tuyet tea and enjoy a delicious cup of tea. In addition, this is also a specialty Ha Giang bought as a meaningful gift for loved ones to drink tea.

Shan Tuyet tea is the perfect choice for tea lovers

Dried ventricular buds

The tamarind flower bud is a part of the tamarind tree, a plant grown mainly in the northern provinces, especially Ha Giang and Lao Cai, so this plant has become a popular specialty of the Northwest region . It is harvested once a year, around August and October, so it is not always possible to buy. To get the best ventricular buds, the harvester needs to be meticulous and careful and then dried or dried to facilitate storage and use.

Dried tamarind tea has cool, sweet taste, calms effect, heat, sedates and lowers blood pressure effectively and especially prevents cancer cells effectively.

Apple Cats

Another specialty Ha Giang bought as a gift that you should choose is Meo Apple. Cat apple is a plant that grows naturally in the northwestern mountains and forests. In Oriental medicine, it is used to help fight aging, increase blood circulation, reduce pain and have a very special sedative effect. The harvest season starts from August to October, and the people in the Northwest start to bear fruit.

Cat apples are a natural tree and are sold a lot in markets in Ha Giang. This is a small, crunchy, slightly sour apple mixed with a little acrid, you can buy to eat or soak in wine. Cat apples contain vitamin C, which helps fight aging, increase blood circulation, relieve pain, and sedate. In addition, cat cider has the effect of enhancing digestion, cerebral blood circulation, minimizing atherosclerosis.

Nature’s gift is both delicious and healthy

Ha Giang kitchen guard ribs

Kitchen guard ribs are one of the most attractive steaming specialties in Ha Giang . The ribs here are made from shoulder meat with a unique way of processing and preserving to bring the delicious aroma of kitchen smoke. After being fried in the kitchen guard ribs, then sliced ​​and dipped with ginger fish sauce will surely bring you a very “mountainous” meal.

Ha Giang kitchen guard ribs – delicious food should try once
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Black tea

Ha Giang Black Tea is selected from the one-leaf tea buds of the ancient tea trees hundreds of years old in Ha Giang, through the skillful hands of experienced tea makers, the tea buds are shaped. and incubated for oxidation while still maintaining the white fluff on the tea buds.

Tea is 100% oxidized so it is black in color

Black tea, also known as Ha Giang black tea, is a 100% oxidized tea brewed with black color. When brewing tea, the color is bright red, and the taste is sweet. When drinking the cool aroma of the tea spreads in the oral cavity, very refreshing.

Black tea is widely grown in Hoang Su Phi district, Ha Giang province and is a favorite tourist gift in Ha Giang . Tea has many uses, helping to create a protective ring against brain stroke, heart stroke, heart disease and reduce the risk of diabetes, high cholesterol, kidney stones, and Parkinson’s disease.

Above are the top 8 specialties bought by Ha Giang as gifts to many tourists, after the bombardment of Ha Giang, do not forget to choose some delicious and healthy specialties as gifts for relatives. and friends

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