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Not everyone knows about Meo Vac 2021 travel experience

Each of them has their own travel dream. It can be set foot in places like paradise with blue sea, white sand or expensive resorts. Someone simply wishes to roam on the winding roads in the northern mountains. Among them, perhaps Meo Vac is one of the main aspirations of many adventurers. However, because it is still too wild and a bit dangerous, you need to pocket your Meo Vac travel experiences to discover this place in the most complete and safe way. 

Where is Meo Vac in Ha Giang?

Before learning about Meo Vac tourism experience, you need to know the geographical location of Meo Vac district. Meo Vac is a highland town in Ha Giang. The district has a small area of ​​only 584,73km2, the center of Dong Van town is more than 20km, the city of Ha Gang is 5 hours drive. 

(Photo: mengquanhuan)
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There are many similarities with Dong Van, the topography in Meo Vac is mostly limestone mountain, the agricultural land only accounts for about 12,000 hectares. Here comes the gentle Que Grapes here, with terraced fields of green color. All year round, this place is gifted with a colorful coat by nature, which changes continuously with each season. Therefore, traveling to Meo Vac at any time will bring many interesting things. 

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Traveling to Meo Vac which time is the most beautiful?

According to Meo Vac tourism experience , visitors can go on Meo Vac at any time of the year. However, if you want to immerse yourself in the poetic scenery of the triangular flower field, go in the period from October to December of the calendar. 

Not everyone knows about Meo Vac 2021 travel experience
Every season you can go to explore Meo Vac 

Road to Meo Vac Ha Giang

To discover Meo Vac, you must first understand the route of your trip to Ha Giang. If you take a passenger car, when you come to Ha Giang, you should call a taxi or motorbike taxi to go to Meo Vac town. 

If traveling by motorbike, you should follow the following route: from Ha Giang city, follow the road to Quan Ba ​​- Yen Minh – then run straight to Dong Van, travel on Highway 4C to go to Meo Vac . One thing to note is that the road from Hanoi – Ha Giang is quite far, so please go to maintenance, split the road to rest.

(Photo: tondidau)

Meo Vac travel experience: Attractive experiences 

Enjoy the triangular flowers

According to Meo Vac tourism experience , watching the triangular flowers in full bloom is one of the best experiences when traveling to Meo Vac. This is also the coordinate that owns the largest and most beautiful triangular flower fields in the Northwest. 

Flowers will usually bloom from September to October and last until the end of the year. Going to Meo Vac in autumn, the scenery here is picturesque. Wherever you go, you will feel the sweet and seductive scent. The most ideal triangular flower viewing spot in Meo Vac is right at the foot of Ma Pi Leng pass. 

Check in at the flower garden triangular circuit 
This is a very wonderful experience (Photo: leeleehuynh)

Conquering Ma Pi Leng pass

Ma Pi Leng Pass in Meo Vac is one of the four most beautiful mountain passes in the Northern mountainous region. The road has many winding curves along the mountainside with an altitude of up to 1200m, of which 9 curves are full of steep cliffs, one side is a deep abyss. It is this challenge that has created a majestic scenery for this place. 

(Photo: xiuxiuiu)

To conquer Ma Pi Leng, visitors will pass many dangerous stages. If you choose the right time of a sunny day, you will be fortunate to see countless majestic beautiful scenes, especially when traveling is also safer.

The beauty fascinated people’s hearts 

Explore the indigenous culture in Lo Lo

Lo Lo is a small ethnic village located neatly in Meo Vac town. It is home to an obscure minority and is also one of the oldest in Vietnam. 

(Photo: nguyenquynhmai1895)

Coming to Lo Lo ethnic village, visitors will learn more about the cultural “specialties” that only this ethnic group has. Here also often take place many cultural activities, community cultural exchanges. If you are lucky enough to arrive at the right time, you also have the opportunity to participate in festivals such as corn celebration (September), rain praying ceremony (March), … 

(Photo: thao__putan)

Cruise at Tu San alley

Based on the Meo Vac tourism experience , the boat ride in Tu San Alley is an activity that you do not refuse to come here. Tu San has long been known as the most magnificent and beautiful canyon in Southeast Asia. Do not look down from Ma Pi Leng, the river and basin in Tu San combine beautiful and breathtaking. You can board a small boat to wriggle through the towering cliffs are worthwhile travel memories. 

(Photo: luyendella)

Clear river water, surrounded by magnificent mountains. It is not a fairy tale, but visitors coming here are like wandering people in a fairyland. 

(Photo: l.manh)

What to eat when traveling to Meo Vac? Delicious dishes and famous specialties Meo Vac


Thang Co is a specialty Ha Giang that is very familiar to many people. The recipe for the recipe is very new, the ingredients are mainly animal organs. At first glance, the form of the dish is not eye-catching but the taste is very delicious and hard to criticize. 


Juvenile porridge

When talking about Meo Vac without mentioning porridge, it is a shortcoming. This dish is not only nutritious and delicious, but also has a very good effect to ensure the health of your trip. Especially if you go in the winter, choose a small restaurant, sit and enjoy a bowl of hot and hot porridge will definitely make you remember that taste. 

Juvenile porridge

Kitchen buffalo meat

Traveling to Meo Vac, what should we eat? Kitchen buffalo is a great choice. Buffalo meat is chosen from strong, naturally grazed buffalo, so the meat is firm and fragrant. After cutting, the meat will be washed, marinated with a variety of spices and kept on the stove until the meat is dry, cooked, and spices inside then used. 

Kitchen buffalo meat

Five coloured sticky rice

Five colors sticky rice is a pure Vietnamese dish, suitable for the taste of many people. Sticky rice has delicious taste and eye-catching colors. True to the name, the five-color sticky rice is cooked into 5 colors: blue, purple, red, yellow, white, but not inoculants, but made entirely from natural ingredients. When you eat it, you will feel the plasticity and aroma easily making diners happy. 

Five coloured sticky rice

Equipping with Meo Vac travel experiences self-sufficient: accommodation, travel, transportation, food, entertainment, … is essential to have a happy trip and many expensive experiences. .  

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