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The majestic and mysterious beauty in En Ha cave Ha Giang

Coming to Ha Giang, the land with Dong Van rocky plateau or the legendary Ma Pi Leng mountain pass, if you have not visited En Ha cave Ha Giang , it is considered that you have not fully enjoyed the beauty of this land. The enchantment, mystery along with the refreshing cool air inside the cave promises to be an ideal tourist destination for those who love to explore new lands. 

Introduction to En Ha cave Ha Giang

When it comes to En cave, there will probably be many people mistaking it for Hang En. In fact, these are two completely different places. If En cave is a cave located in Son Doong, in Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park, En cave is still quite wild and mysterious because it has not undergone too much human intervention. 

Along with breasts Management B sir , flagpole Lung Cu , Ma Pi Leng Pass, … the true dynamic En is a bright spot, the appropriate destination full of adventure, for those adventurous travelers explore favorite destroy mysteries in new lands. 

Dong En is probably a place not known by many tourists, but just once coming here, you will feel this is a great and right choice for your Ha Giang travel trip . En cave is located in Yen Minh district, Ha Giang province, about 60km from the city center.

The majestic and mysterious beauty in En Ha cave Ha Giang
En Ha Giang Cave

The road to En Ha Giang cave 

To reach En Ha Giang cave , tourists have to conquer high mountains and cross pine forests for a quite long time. At the end of that journey, how much fatigue will disappear, replaced by a very lonely natural scene gradually appearing before my eyes. This is also a worthy reward for those who dare to challenge and conquer themselves. 

First, in the city center of Ha Giang, you can rent a motorbike or ride a motorbike in advance because this vehicle will be more convenient to go through the dangerous passes, you should also make sure to drive and choose Choose a good car. From the city, you move to Quan Ba, go through Yen Minh pine forest to reach En cave. Note that this road is quite deserted, sparsely populated, so fill up with gas and do not bring too many valuable items and cash. 

The road goes through Yen Minh pine forest

Ideal time to explore En Ha Ha Giang cave 

According to Ha Giang tourism experience , the ideal time to go to En Ha Giang cave is in the summer. At this time, the weather is fresh, cool, and the sun is very beautiful, and especially the purple color of the flowers permeates the whole hilly area. Not to mention the cave exploration will also be convenient, smoother and easier when going in the rainy season. 

You should come here in the summer!

The beauty of En Ha Giang 

True to its name, En Ha Giang cave is the habitat and nesting place of swallows. Selected by the swallow to be the place to build the nest, growing up proves the unspoiled pristine of En cave. Because of not being under much influence and over-exploiting by humans, this place has become a good land for En species. For local residents, the swallow is an animal symbolizing holiness, a messenger connecting heaven and earth, a symbol of enduring value. The people also believe that the swallow bird brings blessings and joy to everyone. In addition, the swallow is also a symbolic image of spring and love. With that concept, En cave is not only significant in terms of landscape but also the belief of local people. 

Inside En cave 

En cave located deep in the cliffs has a very magical and mysterious beauty that attracts hearts who crave to explore. The ceiling of the cave is both wide and high. From the moment you step inside, you think you are lost in a mysterious paradise. Inside the cave, there is a small green lake that can see through the bottom, surrounded by high cliffs. Many people come here always want to choose En cave as a tourist attraction, camping to discover a wild and mysterious place. 

There is a small clear blue lake here

Sightseeing spots near En cave 

Yen Minh pine forest 

If you come to En Ha Giang cave , you definitely have to go through Yen Minh pine forest and stop for a moment to admire the towering pine trees in the mist. This is an extremely ideal space to enjoy, have fun and relax. Especially when entering the forest, you will love to be enchanted in front of a fresh and peaceful space of mountains and forests. 

Yen Minh pine forest
(Photo: dtquygn_)

Na Luong Cave 

Besides En cave, Na Luong cave is also a mysterious place in Ha Giang. This cave is not very far from En cave, so you can combine both places easily. The cave has a dragon dimension of 30m, inside there are many magical stone blocks. Not only is it a place to conquer and explore, but this is also a favorite check-in coordinate for many young people. 

Na Luong Cave
The beauty shimmering inside the cave 

Quan Ba ​​twin mountain

On the way to En cave , do not forget to stop at Quan Ba ​​mountain, an impressive and unique landscape that you should not miss. Surely when you come here, you will be surprised by the image of two adjacent mountains with a seductive beauty like a girl’s breasts. 

Quan Ba ​​twin mountain
Check in at Quan Ba ​​mountain 

En Ha Giang Cave is an interesting destination that inspires the passion to explore and conquer the mysteries of nature. If you have the opportunity to travel to Ha Giang, on the way through Yen Minh pine forest, please visit this cave. 

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