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Travel to Ha Long Bright and Dark Cave to admire the beautiful scenery and enjoy the experience

Ha Long Light and Dark Cave have a wild and mysterious beauty along with a beautiful system of stalactites, which is a leading tourist attraction in the beautiful Ha Long Bay. Besides, visitors can also experience kayaking and participate in many interesting fun activities here.

Where is Bright and Dark Cave in Ha Long?

Where is Dark and Bright Cave in Ha Long? This cave is located in the bordering area between Ha Long Bay and Lan Ha Bay with a beautiful limestone structure along with a very rich and diverse natural habitat. This rated destination is very suitable for those who love the experience of kayaking to explore the beautiful and unspoiled nature.

The area of Ha Long light and dark cave will be divided into two main parts: Bright cave and Dark cave. The Dark Cave part is quite long and can be swallowed by the tide at any time, so this is an inaccessible place to visit and explore. The rest of the Sang cave is quite short and is illuminated by the sun. In general, the light and dark cave is assessed to have a similar structure to Luon Cave in Ha Long

Travel to Ha Long Bright and Dark Cave to admire the beautiful scenery and enjoy the experience
Dark and Bright Cave in Ha Long attracts tourists

Instructions on how to move to Dark and Bright cave in Ha Long 

Instructions on how to travel to explore the Dark and Bright cave in Ha Long , first to get to Ha Long you can choose a means of transport that is a private vehicle (motorcycle, car), passenger car, plane or boat. fire. 

If traveling by private vehicle, it will be via the Hanoi – Hai Phong – Ha Long highway. If you start from Hanoi, you will follow road 1A, move to Bac Ninh, continue to turn along Highway 18 to continue Uong Bi – Ha Long.

– By plane: Currently, there are 2 airports closest to Ha Long, which are Van Don airport of Quang Ninh and Cat Bi airport of Hai Phong. This is the fastest and most time-saving means of evaluation. 

– Some reputable Limousine companies you can refer to: Ha Long Limousine, Phuc Xuyen Limousine, Ha Thanh Limousine, Ha Vy Limousine. With quality and affordable prices, limousines are being chosen by many people to move Hanoi to Ha Long and vice versa.

To get to Ha Long Bright and Dark Cave, you can choose to visit Lan Ha Bay overnight on a yacht or during the day to have more interesting experiences. You will enjoy the feeling of being able to paddle by yourself or by kayak to explore inside the cave. Creeping inside to discover interesting and mysterious things in the cave will definitely not disappoint you.

Rent a yacht to explore Sang To Cave

Admire the mysterious beauty of Dark and Bright Cave

One of the interesting experiences when coming to this attraction is kayaking in the Dark and Bright cave . A light boat gliding on the blue water downstream to the cave in the morning and evening, just thinking about it is very interesting. 

The beautiful rock formations at Sang To Cave

Entering the cave entrance will be a small archway supporting a massive mountain and from the side of this cave one can see a glimpse at the mouth of the cave on the other side. The cave is considered not too deep, so the air can easily pass through, creating a fresh, cool air. 

Free rowing boat to explore Sang To Cave

Inside the cave will be countless large rocks and stalactites hanging down to form many beautiful unique shapes. Especially when going almost in the cave, you will see a beautiful scene appearing in front of your eyes that is each drop of underground water flowing like one after another, alternating with it’s sound like a gentle falling crystal. down to the water. When these crystals meet the rays of the sun will penetrate and reflect on the water and the rocks create a beautiful sparkling wonder. It is so beautiful that you have to say “so beautiful”, “wonderful”.

Take a bamboo boat to see the beautiful scenery of Sang To Cave

Ha Long Light and Dark Cave also leads you to a large valley in the middle of the sea and sky and firmly surrounded by majestic mountains. This scene is like a place to drop boats down the water and gently take a long breath will help you dispel all troubles in life to get lost in a world like in fairy tales.

Beautiful rock formations at Sang To Cave

When exploring the Dark and Bright cave to ensure safety during the trip, visitors should note: In case if you do not have experience on the river, the safe choice is to hire a boat driver and a boat for from 5 to 7. guest. Do not forget to bring a life jacket to ensure your safety. As for adventurous travelers, you can choose to go kayaking to explore. Each boat will have 2 people rowing together will create a bond and both will have many really interesting experiences on this trip.

Kayaking to discover the beauty of Sang To Cave

Thus, with the above information, people have a better understanding of the tourist attractions of the Dark and Dark cave in Ha Long. Surely visitors will not be disappointed when coming here and will save many memories and memorable experiences in this exciting journey.

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