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Kayaking experience in Ha Long is super fun and experiential

Kayaking is one of the interesting experiences that many tourists love when they have the opportunity to explore the beautiful scenery of Ha Long. With the extremely useful kayaking experiences in Ha Long below, it promises to help you have that super fun and memorable trip.

Who can kayak in Ha Long?

Ha Long Bay is considered to have calm water, ideal for kayaking. If you do not know how to swim, you can still feel secure when participating in this exciting activity. Even children from 5 to 10 years old can go kayaking when accompanied by adults. So everyone can participate in kayaking in Ha Long.   

Kayaking experience in Ha Long is super fun and experiential
The location of the calm sea in Ha Long is suitable for kayaking. Photo: luxstay

Kayaking places in Ha Long    

Ha Long travel experience, you have many places to experience kayaking activities. There are two ways to participate in this experience that is, yachts with kayaking service will be free to choose the location depending on your preferences. As for the yachts without this service, they will support tourists to move to the place of business of rowing and kayaking such as: Dong Tien Lake, Trinh Nu cave, Ba Hang, Luon cave, Tung Sau bay, Co cave, Vung Vieng, Cua Can, Cong Do… Here, visitors can buy tickets to participate in kayaking in Ha Long under the guidance of support staff.         

Besides kayaking, you can explore more interesting destinations in Ha Long such as:

– Rent a yacht overnight on the bay to admire the scenery and enjoy a memorable vacation.

– Explore the ancient village on the bay: Ha Long is famous for its beautiful ancient fishing villages such as Vung Vieng, Cua Van, Viet Hai, Ba Hang… Visitors will be able to cook rice, harvest rice, catch fish and go to the beach. Walk around the village and enjoy the view.

– Snorkeling to see coral: One of the interesting experiences when kayaking in Ha Long is, scuba diving to admire the beautiful corals in Lan Ha Bay, Luon Cave…         

Ha Long owns many beautiful and ideal places for kayaking

Experience kayaking in Ha Long 

Experience kayaking in Ha Long, first of all, you need to choose the right boat for you. In Ha Long, most of the kayaks are for 2 people and are divided into the following types: 

– Tourist kayak: For those who have experience when kayaking. The characteristics of this type of boat are that it is longer, difficult to capsize and has a faster travel speed. 

– Kayak without cockpit: Suitable for those who want to paddle in the water or on the shore. Large size, suitable for those who are just starting to learn rowing. However, if this type of boat encounters strong winds, it will easily topple.

There are many types of kayaks for you to choose from

In addition, you can choose kayaks according to paddles, including: Deviated paddles and straight paddles. In particular, the deflection paddle will not take as much strength as the straight paddle. Most tourists choose a boat that is the right size for their hand to easily navigate the bay. 

Need to know the technique when kayaking. Photo: rexhotelvungtau  

Kayaking in Ha Long is generally quite simple and anyone can easily do it. However, when you first start sailing, you should choose a calm water area to gradually adapt to the feeling of floating on the bay. You can choose a long paddle for longer, slower moves. One note when kayaking is, you should relax your hands and don’t try too hard. Besides, it is necessary to keep the body as straight and comfortable as possible and put the knees slightly bent. 

Experience kayaking with a group of friends. Photo: haikayak

Experience for smooth kayaking in Ha Long is that you need a harmonious combination of hands and shoulders, back, and abdominal muscles. For those who are new to kayaking, it is best to choose a paddle with a square blade. The sitting position in the boat, put your back towards the back of the chair and be careful not to put your legs too straight, it will put pressure on the lower back. You also need to avoid placing your feet too bent, which will easily collide with your knees when rowing. Ideally, you should put your hands parallel to your knees to choose the most suitable rowing position. Regarding the length of the blade and paddle, you need to pay attention to hold it so that the paddle is moved in the right direction. 

Kayaking is an attractive experience for tourists when coming to Ha Long. Photo: duthuyenhalong

Kayaking ticket price in Ha Long

Kayaking tickets in Ha Long are calculated depending on each location as follows:

– Luon Cave area: The price is 30,000 VND/person/time

– Ba Hang area: Price 25,000 VND/person/time

– Cua Can area: The price is 100,000 VND/person/time

– Vung Vieng area: Price 50,000 VND/time

– Hon Ban Chan Sand Beach area: Price 60,000 VND/time

Lots of interesting activities when participating in kayaking. Photo: margaretcruises

Notes when kayaking in Ha Long Bay 

Here are some important notes when kayaking in Ha Long you can refer to:

– See the weather in advance to see if it is suitable for kayaking in Ha Long.

– Choose suitable, comfortable clothes and preferably water-resistant clothes.

– Bring the necessary items: wet bag, drinking water and hat.

– Need to wear a life jacket when participating in kayaking to ensure safety. 

– Follow the instructions of the team leader. 

– Absolutely do not use stimulants when kayaking.

– Keep a suitable distance from other members of the group. 

– Avoid moving too close to the caves on the bay will be very dangerous. 

– Do not litter indiscriminately on the bay.

Above is the whole experience of kayaking in Ha Long interesting and experienced. Hopefully, it will help you to have the most useful information and enjoy relaxing moments with this exciting sport when exploring the world’s natural heritage.  

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