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Discover landmark 428 Ha Giang in the far north of the far north 

Landmark 428 Ha Giang is not only a sacred place dividing the Vietnam – China border, but also a beautiful scenic coordinate of the Ha Giang rocky plateau.

Locating the 428 . cup column coordinates 

Ha Giang is a land famous for its majestic beauty at the top of the country, known to tourists for its northernmost symbol, the Lung Cu flagpole. But you know, landmark 428 Ha Giang is also another northernmost point in the province. This is the place where visitors can see the Nho Que river flowing from China into Vietnam.

Discover landmark 428 Ha Giang in the far north of the far north 
Landmark 428 is located in Xeo Lung village, Lung Cu commune. Photo: @jadenng0

In fact, neither the flagpole at Lung Cu nor the landmark 428 are the true northernmost point of our country. Both of these milestones have symbolic meaning because they are easy to go, easy to find and convenient for tourism promotion in the province. In fact, the North Pole is actually quite far away from these two destinations. 

Lung Cu is known as the “milestone commune” of Vietnam. Photo: @phanhoanglong

However, knowing more than milestone 428 is also an important milestone in the top part of the country, you should visit once to feel the sacred beauty of the frontier land. Landmark 428 is located at an altitude of 1433 meters above sea level, only 2km from Nho Que River .

This landmark is located just 2 km from Nho Que River. Photo: @dungvuvu_yr

Where is landmark 428? This is just a small landmark located on the mountainside of Xeo Lung village, Lung Cu commune, Dong Van district, with coordinates 23.379741, 105.306454. To get here, visitors have to move to the Lung Cu flagpole . Then from the flagpole, you continue to ride a motorbike for another 2km to reach this landmark.

What is beautiful about landmark 428 Ha Giang?

The journey to discover the landmark 428 Ha Giang is quite a difficult journey when trekking through zigzag roads on the hillside. Although it is not a very majestic and superficial milestone, it is certain that when you come here, you will feel proud and love your homeland more.

Landmark 428 built of granite. Photo: Along Phot

Landmark 428 was started construction on April 28, 2008. The loading column is made of extremely durable granite material and is located on the solid concrete-lined ground. Although the 428 Ha Giang milestone seems small, it took 2 years to complete because of the rough terrain and difficulty to transport construction materials.

From the landmark position, you can admire the beautiful natural scenery of Ha Giang. Photo: @linh_tenten

However, thanks to the support of local people and the Lung Cu border post, the milestone has been completed, gradually becoming a destination in Ha Giang known to many tourists. Today, visiting this landmark is also an opportunity for tourists to admire the overlapping mountains and forests of Ha Giang and feel the sacredness of the northernmost land of Vietnam.

A sacred landmark at the top of the country. Photo: Not afraid of getting lost

Visiting landmark 428 Ha Giang, visitors can take souvenir photos to save their memorable journey. Standing from the landmark, you can also zoom out into the distance, enjoying the impressive picture of mountains, hills and forests in Ha Giang.

Experience conquering milestone 428 Ha Giang

More and more tourists know about this unique 428 border landmark . However, not every season of the year is suitable for you to come here. Usually, the time of December – March and September – November are the best times to explore this remote landmark.

The road to here is relatively difficult, visitors should go during the day. Photo: Fanpage Discover milestone 428

The terrain here is quite difficult because there are many zigzag sections, and many trees and grass grow. Therefore, it is best to go during the day, to ensure you do not get lost and be safer. It will be better if you go in a group of 2 or more people on the journey to conquer the landmark at the northernmost point of Ha Giang. 

If you learn about Ha Giang tourism , you will know that the terrain here is rugged and mountainous. Therefore, visitors should choose for themselves sports clothes, and wear climbing shoes to make it more convenient for traveling and moving. 

Stand in front of the sacred landmark of the country to be more proud. Photo: Fanpage Discover milestone 428

Note, that this landmark is a sacred site, so visitors who want to visit need to get permission from Lung Cu Border Guard Station. Especially when you ask for permission, you are also guided by a soldier, ensuring a safe and smooth journey. 

According to the experience of many young people who have come here, if you go in the early morning, you will experience climbing in a very poetic natural picture with clouds and fog to see how beautiful and magnificent Ha Giang is. any.

The journey to discover milestone 428 and the northernmost points of Ha Giang is arduous. Photo: @brayden_youngberg

After checking in at landmark 428, you can continue to follow the direction of the Nho Que river to the north for about 2 km to reach the true northernmost landmark of the country. This journey will be a little more difficult, but it will definitely give you many memorable memories.

Each destination in Ha Giang brings valuable experiences to visitors. Photo: @dinhtt

Landmark 428 Ha Giang is a destination few people know about but also a beautiful and sacred coordinates of the rocky plateau. Coming here, visitors can both fully feel the beauty of Ha Giang and at the same time feel more fully the sacredness of Vietnam’s countryside in the far-flung borderlands. 

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