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The peaceful, picturesque scene in the village in Ha Giang

Located on the slopes of Tay Con Linh range, Khuoi My upland village (Ha Giang) captivates visitors by its wild and majestic scenery with straight terraces and moss-covered houses.

The pictures capturing the peaceful and picturesque scene in Khuoi My village (Phuong Do commune, about 5km from Ha Giang city center) by Mr. Pham Xuan Quy (from Bien Hoa) were recently published. attract a lot of attention.

The peaceful, picturesque scene in the village in Ha Giang

Accordingly, the set of photos was taken around the beginning of April 2021. Sharing the reason for visiting this highland village, Quy said: “I heard from the homestay owners that Khuoi My village, located near the center of Ha Giang city, has a very beautiful landscape with terraced fields, the Green moss roof, immense palm hill… Impressed with the information I got, the next day, I decided to ask the way to Khuoi My to take pictures.

Arriving at Khuoi My village, the young man couldn’t help but be surprised and amazed by the “underground fairyland” beauty of the village here. He quickly took the camera, recorded the most realistic pictures of the landscape and people of Khuoi My, keeping beautiful memories of the peaceful countryside “hidden” in the heart of the bustling city.

Khuoi My is a village located on the slopes of Tay Con Linh range in Phuong Do commune, about 5km from Ha Giang city center. This place is located at an altitude of 1000 – 1200m above sea level, so it has a fresh and cool climate all year round, especially the romantic misty scenery. 

The village has about 50 households and all the people living here are Dao people. The optimism, friendliness, and hospitality of the locals are also plus points to impress visitors.

The ideal time to visit Khuoi My is in the pouring water season between May and June and the ripening rice season in late September, early October. In the pouring water season, the scenery here appears very beautiful with fields. The steps were filled with water like a giant mirror. 

In the ripe rice season, the golden color of the rice fields stretches, dyeing the whole area “yellow”, creating a picturesque scene no less than a famous tourist destination .

Not only impressed by the wild and magnificent natural scenery, Khuoi My village also attracts visitors with its roofs covered with green moss.

This is also one of the beauty “brand” of the village in the highlands.

Having the opportunity to visit Khuoi My, Mr. Xuan Quy could not help but be surprised by the “rich” beauty of this land. He was impressed with the ancient, green, moss-covered roofs of palm leaves. Thanks to such a roof design, people’s houses are always cool. 

Khuoi My climate is also fresh and airy because it is located at a high altitude, so it becomes an ideal relaxing destination for tourists.

The young man revealed that the road to the village was more beautiful, so moving was also convenient. Besides, the friendliness and hospitality of the locals make the young photographer love and appreciate this land even more.

“Another detail that impresses me is that most of the houses of the Dao ethnic group in Khuoi My have a small pond in front of the house to store water in the slot and use that water for the purposes of watering plants and raising fish. ,…”, Quy shared.

In Khuoi My, villages are connected by suspension bridges, creating a unique distinction, attracting tourists to explore. On both sides of the road, people planted many peach trees.

Visitors can also experience camping in this village, enjoying the cool atmosphere at night with white mists.

In addition to Khuoi My, Mr. Xuan Quy had the opportunity to visit Thien Huong village in Dong Van town, which is also an ancient village with “unique” ancient houses. Each place has its own beauty, attracting visitors. Follow Dan trí

Photo: Pham Xuan Quy

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