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Fascinated with the rustic beauty of the “forgotten” 400-year-old ancient stone village in Cao Bang

Like a hidden gem among the mountains and forests of the Northeast, Khuoi Ky ancient stone village makes many visitors fall in love right from the first meeting.

Referring to Cao Bang, visitors often think of the natural scenery that is both charming and equally majestic with the beautiful scenery of Ma Phuc pass, Ban Gioc waterfall, Nguom Ngao Cave or Thang Hen lake. Few people know, this place still has a hidden gem in the middle of the Northeast mountains, making visitors fall in love from the first meeting. With a unique rustic beauty nowhere else, Khuoi Ky stone village always gives visitors unforgettable fluttering experiences.

Fascinated with the rustic beauty of the “forgotten” 400-year-old stone village in Cao Bang

It is called the “forgotten village” because it is little known. Khuoi Ky stone village is located in the tourist complex of Ban Gioc waterfall, Dam Thuy commune, Trung Khanh district, Cao Bang province.

Fascinated with the rustic beauty of the “forgotten” 400-year-old ancient stone village in Cao Bang

Khuoi Ky Stone Village is a small village located 2km from Ban Gioc Waterfall and 1km from Nguom Ngao Cave. Photo: Bui Hoai.

What does Khuoi Ky village have to attract tourists?

The unique architecture of the 400-year-old stone village

Coming to Khuoi Ky stone village, visitors will feel extremely impressed with the stilt houses built entirely of stone.

Formed in the late 16th century, these stone stilt houses were built by the Mac Dynasty to become “fortresses” to protect the border.

With more than 400 years old, the ancient village is inhabited by Tay ethnic people. Photo: Bui Hoai.

With unique architecture, the foundation of the house is made of solid rock. The walls are formed by stones stacked on top of each other, they are glued together by a special mixture of lime and sand created by the Tay people.

The houses are built entirely of stone. Photo: Bui Hoai.

Each house has 3 main compartments divided by wooden planks, the area used depends on how many people there are in the family. In particular, the roofs of the houses on stilts are covered with yin and yang tiles, making the stilt houses here put on a rare antique look.

Stone is also used in other constructions such as fences, dams, mills, stoves, etc. Photo: Bui Hoai.

Looking back from afar, visitors will capture the entire peaceful scene of Khuoi Ky stone village in the middle of the mountains. Photo: Bui Hoai.

The rustic beauty of the mountainous region

Not only surprising visitors with the architecture, Khuoi Ky stone village also makes visitors flutter with the peaceful rustic beauty of the deserted mountainous region.

Located about 2km from Ban Gioc waterfall, if you go from the waterfall, you just need to move in the direction of Nguom Ngao cave about 2km to reach Khuoi Ky village.

Looking back from afar, the village is like a hidden gem among the Northeast mountains. Right in front of the village is the soft Khuoi Ky stream winding around, adorning the charm of the old village.

Arriving in Khuoi Ky village, visitors will be immersed in the peaceful nature, silently watching the simple life of the Tay ethnic minority here. Bui Hoai’s photo.

The quiet beauty of the mountainous region makes visitors feel like they are lost in the wilderness. Photo: Bui Hoai.

Delicious dishes make visitors unforgettable

If you intend to explore Cao Bang, then arrange an evening to stay in Khuoi Ky stone village. Here you can rent a room in a homestay to stay overnight and enjoy unique delicacies. According to Bui Hoai, the average person will eat about 150,000 VND per person.

Deep fried with lemon leaves, Khau Nhuc meat, grilled goat meat are some of the dishes that make visitors unforgettable because of their special taste. Photo: Bui Hoai,

If you go in a large group, you can talk to the homestay owner to organize a campfire and eat outdoors. It is known that the room rental price here ranges from 400,000 to 600,000 VND depending on the room.($1=24,000 VND)

Those of you who intend to come to Cao Bang to experience definitely do not miss this Khuoi Ky ancient stone village.

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