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Escape to Cao Bang to camp on the occasion of April 30

CAO BANG -Suoi Nam Thoong, in the Hoa An district, still retains the wild features of nature and green space.

Nam Thoong stream, about 3 km from Nuoc Hai town, in Duc Long commune (Hoa An district) is a picnic spot with beautiful scenery, close to nature, suitable for families and young people who like to be active. outdoor movement.

Nam Thoong has a clear blue stream, beautifully shaped cliffs, and large trees that give shade, suitable for camping and swimming.

Nam Thong is beautiful in all four seasons. In the summer, the stream is clear and blue, and the water flows under the golden sun. In the autumn, the water flows smoothly, the stream is like a silk strip crossing the golden leaves. In winter, the scene becomes quiet again, the stream seems to sleep in the cold weather of the mountainous region. Spring comes, the scene is like an awakening, the scene is bright with life.

Around Nam Thoong is a peaceful and poetic rural mountainous landscape, next to the fields, further away are the rolling mountains…

The streambank has an area of ​​​​more than 1,000 m2, which is a crowded place because this location has rivers, mountains, green trees all year round, and cool and fresh air.

After bathing, visitors can go ashore to sit and gather under the huts to grill chicken and duck. At Nam Thoong, food and beverage services are provided quite adequately with 10 shacks erected under the trees; There are toilets and bath floats to serve visitors.

This is a private outdoor tourist destination, so safety, security, and environmental sanitation… have not been paid attention to. Therefore, visitors need to pay attention to protecting property as well as keeping the surrounding environment clean, do not litter indiscriminately.

The destination is located on the side of the national highway, so it is convenient to move. Visitors to Hoa An district, about 15 km from Cao Bang city center, then follow Google Maps to Nam Thoong.

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