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Ha Giang four wild seasons

Ha Giang is a place in the north of the country, where wild mountains, rustic people, attractive natural scenery, especially the UNESCO Global Geopark Dong Van Stone Plateau.

Ha Giang is a place in the north of the country, where wild mountains and forests, rustic people, attractive natural scenery, especially the UNESCO Global Geopark Dong Van Stone Plateau, and the national monument of rice fields. step.

Hoang Su Phi is a district in the east of Ha Giang province, where there are enchantingly beautiful terraced fields. In 2012, Hoang Su Phi terraced fields were officially recognized as National Monuments by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism .

The whole district of Hoang Su Phi has about 3,000 hectares of terraced fields spread across the hills and mountains, with diverse ethnic groups living. In the photo are Dao ethnic women harvesting rice on fields that have just been harvested.

At the craggy mountain passes stretching hundreds of kilometers on rocky mountains, rice flowers bloom red every year in March.

With the majority of the population being ethnic minorities such as the Mong, Pu Peo, Pa Then, Lo Lo, Phu La, La Chi, Co Lao, Giay, Da…, there are 23 ethnic communities. in which the Mong ethnic group accounted for 31%.

Ma Pi Leng Pass area is a spectacular landscape, it is home to the UNESCO Global Geopark of Dong Van Stone Plateau, covering the scope of 4 districts: Quan Ba, Yen Minh, Dong Van, and Meo Vac.

The mountainous area of ​​Duong Thuong commune (Yen Minh).

A Dao woman in her hand holds a bunch of rice just harvested in Lung Bung village, Na Khe commune (Yen Minh). 

Rice flowers bloom on the banks of the Mien River, Bat Dai Son commune (Quan Ba). Ha Giang is a complex of majestic mountains, rugged terrain, with an average altitude of 800-1,200 m above sea level, many peaks above 1,500 m. The entire surface area of ​​the plateau is still in the period of weathering, the landscape is spectacular with the “lithic trees” forming the “stone forest”.

 Noong Lake is located in Phu Linh commune (Vi Xuyen), formerly a place of “bending hybrids, fairyland”, charming mountains, exotic and wild nature that fascinates people. But now, through many changes of time, negative impacts from people, Noong Lake no longer has poetic scenes of immense lake surface or interwoven flooded forests stretching endlessly over a large area. dozens of hectares. In the photo, local women are catching fish on the edge of Noong Lake.

Portrait of a child in Mau Due commune (Yen Minh). The topography of Yen Minh district is complex and strongly fragmented, with a steep slope, an average altitude of 1,200 meters above sea level. The terrain is divided into 4 types: high mountain terrain, low mountain terrain, valley topography. , karst topography.

An eye-catching road among the rocky mountains in Lung Tam commune (Quan Ba).

A Hmong goes to Dong Van market. This is the most famous market in Ha Giang, meeting on Sundays in Dong Van town. The market is crowded and bustling with the cultural diversity of many ethnic groups. 

Ha Giang is a border province in the northeastern region of Vietnam, with a natural area of ​​7,884.37 km2. In which, according to the crow’s flight, the widest place from west to east is 115 km long, and from north to south is 137 km long. The northernmost point of Ha Giang is also the northernmost point of the country, about 3 km east of Lung Cu, with latitude 23013’00”. Thuong Phung commune (Meo Vac).

For the Mong people in Ha Giang, dogs are always the closest animals. The famous shrewd Hmong dogs are also hunted by Vietnamese native dog lovers.

Scene of a Hmong man plowing the field in the traditional way in Duong Thuong commune (Yen Minh).

A Hmong child in Lung Tam commune (Quan Ba). Lung Tam commune has an area of ​​48.16 km2, population in 1999 was 2,644 people, population density reached 54.9 people/km2.

Highway 4C passes through the territory of Can Ty commune (Quan Ba).

Mong girl under plum blossom in Duong Thuong commune (Yen Minh).

In the spring, peach and plum blossoms bloom all over Ha Giang, creating beautiful scenery that makes this place an attractive destination. Follow Dan Tri

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