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Impressive H Mong Village resort with a super romantic view in Ha Giang

H’Mong Village Resort in Ha Giang owns high mountain style bungalows with panoramic views of the majestic mountains. If you have the opportunity to travel to Ha Giang and want to choose a unique stopover, come to this basket-shaped resort right away!

About H Mong Village Resort 

On a sunny day, walk on the gentle slope, gradually spreading down a large valley, on both sides are beautiful, strange hunchback-shaped houses. That image will certainly arouse curiosity with many travel followers. Indeed, in recent times, in many travel review groups, there are many young people who invite each other to lightning, waiting for the epidemic to be pushed back, they will go to Ha Giang to see the strange wooden houses. 

Impressive H Mong Village resort with a super romantic view in Ha Giang
Panorama of H Mong Village Resort
(Photo: _cobetrasua.99)

The sling houses are part of the H Mong Village resort located in X. Dong Ha, H. Quan Ba. Coming here, you will discover and experience the unique highland culture. 

A corner of space at the resort 
View of the green valley 

H Mong Village Ha Giang Resort, also known as Mong Village Resort, stretches over a total area of ​​20ha. With a slightly sloping terrain, H’mong Village is located on the mountainside embracing the rocky forest that has been officially recognized by UNESCO. At the foot is Trang Kim valley and the green Mi River flowing gently all year round. 

The resort is located on a high mountainside 

Developed from the background of the H’Mong culture, this resort is a perfect combination of natural materials with the characteristics of the stone plateau culture. Not too noisy or bustling, visiting H’mong Village, visitors will be immersed in the beautiful natural scenery with fields of mountains and mountains. 

Fresh air in the high mountains 
(Photo: noboyfriend_____)

Unique design at H Mong Village Resort

The resort houses in H Mong Village  are inspired by the design of the baskets. This is one of the items associated with the daily working life of the Mong people. The quartet has long been a friend always carried on the shoulders of the Mong people from childhood to adulthood. At the H’Mong Village resort, these super-large rockers will bring visitors a good night’s sleep. 

The design idea is taken from the image of the baskets of the Mong ethnic people
(Photo: _rinhlinh2302_)

H’mong Village pays great attention to arranging a very natural overall landscape, with beautiful miniatures with artificial streams with clear water sources, themed flower gardens for visitors to enjoy. Ha Giang is full of poetry. 

The flowers make this place more poetic 

Each basket-shaped house consists of 2 floors with a height of 5.15m, the average area of ​​each floor is 12m2. The frame of the house is made of concrete, the inside is covered with bamboo material, and the outside is woven with fake bamboo fiber to prevent fire. Due to the high terrain on the mountainside embracing the rocky forest,  H’Mong Village possesses a space imbued with highland cultural identity, besides the contemporary breath is still cleverly integrated. 

(Photo: ngoc.linh_)

Rooms at H Mong Village Ha Giang resort 

H’Mong Village tourist area includes 25 bungalows, 4 vip rooms and a community guesthouse that can accommodate up to 40 people, providing a full range of resort services and cultural experiences. All rooms here are designed in a minimalist style, gentle, close to nature. 

Rooms at H’Mong Village 
The room has a minimalist design 

Each room is fully equipped with amenities to provide the most complete stay. Designed with large windows and balcony area, from the room you can comfortably enjoy the view of the vast valley or you can zoom your eyes further to the rocky mountains in front, let your soul in the sun. wind, clouds, remove all troubles. 

From the room window you can see the valley outside 

According to Ha Giang travel experience, you can come to this resort at any time of the day. When you wake up early in the morning, you will be immersed in a sea of ​​white clouds. In the afternoon, sit and sip a cup of tea and watch the sunset gradually disappear behind the mountains. When the night begins to fall on the high mountains, you will enjoy the local dishes with the flavor of the high mountains. 

Enjoy a cup of tea in the afternoon

Unforgettable experience in H Mong Village 

Trekking to discover Lung Khuy cave

Trekking to discover Lung Khuy cave is an experience not to be missed by visitors when coming to H’Mong Village. In parallel with that activity, the resort also provides grass skiing service right on the resort’s premises. In addition, you also have the opportunity to experience “mountain kayaking”. You may not believe it because this activity only occurs in the coastal area, now in the rocky mountainous region of Ha Giang, visitors will experience this yomost activity. With nearly 6km in length dedicated to kayaking in the Mien River, if you are a thrill-seeker, you cannot ignore this activity. 

Lung Khuy Cave

Immerse yourself in the infinity pool

With the overflowing pool design, 180-degree outdoor view, visitors are sure to be amazed by the super product of the infinity pool at H’mong Village Resort. Here you will be immersed in the cool water and admire the scenery of the romantic Trang Kim valley. Behind the resort are rolling hills, in front of the swimming pool is the blue Mi River. That scenery combined with the infinity pool will bring a unique experience in Ha Giang. 

Very expensive pool view 
Swimming pool is rated safe 

Enjoying a vacation at H’Mong Village tourist area , being immersed in the poetic natural scenery of the border region is definitely an unforgettable experience for many visitors. 

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