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Fall in love with cherry apricots in Ha Giang on the first days of the year

Ha Giang is not only ecstatic with the buckwheat flower season but the romantic and poetic cherry blossom season also attracts visitors to check in every spring.

Referring to Ha Giang, many people will immediately think of a distant land with hunky roads and steep cliffs full of danger. However, behind that thorny appearance, there is still a romantic Ha Giang. Originally, every season in Ha Giang is beautiful, but in spring, the beauty of this top land of the country is adorned with the dreamy colors of peach blossoms.

These days, Ha Giang seems to put on a fresh shirt. The charming pink color in the “blooming rock area” has sobbed so many virtual souls. Many young people who come to Ha Giang for spring vacation are eager to check in under the poetic beauty of this place.

Fall in love with cherry apricots in Ha Giang on the first days of the year

Photo: @Nguyen Sy Duc

Right from the days approaching the Lunar New Year, cherry apricots have begun to bloom brilliantly in many areas in Ha Giang. On social networks these days, it is not difficult to come across images of young people sharing virtual living scenes with this flower. One of the most prominent and most checked-in coordinates is the cherry apricot trees blooming on the road of Ma Le village in Dong Van town, Ma Le commune, Lung Cu.

Photo: @Thai MT, @Nguyen Sy Duc

Many young people from other provinces have invited each other to Ha Giang not only to discover the wild and majestic beauty but also to watch flowers and take pictures in the cold and sunny spring weather as soon as they know the cherry blossoms. in full bloom.

Photo: @Vang Thi Sinh, @Phuong where to go, @Nguyen Sy Duc

Ha Giang peach blossom is a five-petal fading peach, the color is not crimson, but only slightly pink. The curved peach branches, letting the flowers hang down in front of the gate are at their most beautiful. especially when the weather is colder, the flowers are fresher and more beautiful. At this time, many cherry apricot trees have bloomed brilliantly, it is difficult to even see the green color on the branches anymore.

Photo: @Luc Tan Sang, @Pham Tuan Linh

The pink color warms the cold cat-eared rocky slopes after a long winter. The pink color blends with the yellow sun, the blue sky makes people keep inviting each other to the rocky plateau to “hunt” flowers. Just standing under the flower branches along with the colorful costumes of ethnic minorities has created a colorful spring picture that makes the hearts of tourists sobbing.

Some notes when hunting the blooming peach blossom season in Ha Giang:

– The blooming cherry blossom season in Ha Giang falls from the beginning of February to the end of March of the solar calendar. In addition to the above location, visitors can be immersed in flowers at areas on the Dong Van rock plateau such as: Thai Phun Tung, Ma Le, Lung Cu, Pho Cao, Pho Bang, Pho La, Sung La…

– Ha Giang city is located more than 300km from Hanoi capital, but that is not the last stop for your journey to discover this land. The most recommended and most convenient means of transport is a sleeper bus.

Photo: @mia

– After arriving in Ha Giang, if you want to explore other tourist attractions or highland districts, you can rent a self-driving motorbike for more convenience. The price of a motorbike rental in Ha Giang is from 100,000 to 200,000 VND. You should prioritize choosing a good car, the price is high but it is guaranteed to run well.($1=24,000 VND)

– Ha Giang weather in the early spring days is still cold, especially in the highlands the weather will be more severe. Therefore, if you intend to go on a peach blossom hunt, prepare yourself with warm clothes.

Photo: Internet (vinlove.net)