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The sinkhole in the heart of Ha Giang for the adventurous

Meo Vac sinkhole has just been discovered by “tourist lands”, becoming an attraction for adventurous tourists.

Possessing rocky plateaus and dangerous but poetic passes, Ha Giang has recently attracted the attention of the travel community, especially backpackers, with a newly discovered giant sinkhole. The place is located about 3 km from Meo Vac town, hidden on a pine hill of Tia Chi Dua village, Giang Chu Phin commune.

The sinkhole in the heart of Ha Giang for the adventurous
Tourists conquer the sinkhole. Photo: Giap Van Hai

Giap Van Hai (30 years old), dubbed the “tourist land” of Ha Giang, along with travel bloggers Hoang Nam – Challenge Me, Nang Cao Nguyen, planned to explore Meo Vac to find outstanding places, can attract tourists. By scanning satellite maps and flying a drone, the three boys accidentally discovered a huge sinkhole located not far from Meo Vac town. Immediately after, the pictures taken from below the hole were posted by the Lighthouse on social networks, attracting the attention of the travel and exploration community, receiving many likes and shares. When it was first published, many people thought that this was a sinkhole in Quang Binh and was surprised when Ha Giang had such a unique place.

Describing his feelings when he reached the bottom of the sinkhole, Hai used two words “happiness”. The site was still wild, so he had to use a seat belt to get into the pit. “When I’m below and look up, I feel so small compared to nature. This reminds me of the story of the frog sitting at the bottom of the well. If I come back to the experience next time, I will challenge myself for 24 hours. under the hole to be able to feel more fully,” Hai shared. He also said that during the discovery process, many other large and small sinkholes were discovered in Ha Giang. However, according to him, this is a hole with a beautiful angle and easy to explore.

Overcoming the risk, visitors will enjoy the result of beautiful pictures. Photo: Giap Van Hai

Local people do not know when the sinkhole formed, but they often go down to the hole to get grass to feed the cows. The vegetation below the hole is diverse, with many ferns that make visitors feel like they are traveling through space, discovering prehistoric times. The sky exposed from the crater is as beautiful as the movie footage. The majestic beauty and impressive image of the sinkhole have made the tourist community, in addition to the name “Meo Vac sinkhole”, also give this place the name “Death Hole”, “Ha Giang Sky Well”…

Currently, this place has not been exploited for safe tourism. Visitors who want to challenge themselves can only follow the trail that people often go to get grass for cows or swing down the rope. Travel blogger Hoang Nam estimates that the depth of the hole is about 38.5 m. Visitors to conquer the sinkhole should note to bring enough protective gear, accompanied by experienced people to ensure their own safety. Follow vnexpress

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