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Ha Giang spring trip in 5 pristine villages

Ha Giang is an ideal spring travel destination with many activities such as visiting villages, watching peach blossoms, plum blossoms, and experiencing festivals of mountainous ethnic groups.

In spring Ha Giang not only has peach, pear, and plum forests in full bloom but also ethnic villages with bold identities and exciting New Year’s festivals. This journey to discover the stone plateau of Nham Dan New Year cannot be complete without the following villages.

Lo Lo Chai, Lung Cu

Located in Lung Cu commune, Dong Van district, about 1 km from Lung Cu Flagpole and about 25 km from Dong Van town center is Lo Lo Chai village. Visitors coming here will be immersed in the peaceful natural scenery with the houses covered with yin and yang tiles, brown earthen walls, stone fences, cornfields… and hospitable people.

Ha Giang spring trip in 5 pristine villages
Visitors experience the traditional embroidery of the Black Lo Lo people in Lo Lo Chai. Photo: Khanh Tran

Lo Lo Chai is currently a cultural and tourist village, the residence of the Black Lo Lo people, the first people to settle on the land of Dong Van rock plateau. Visitors who stop here can enjoy the lyrics, dances, fairy tales, especially in the coming spring, it is easy to see festivals. Accommodation services in Lo Lo Chai are also diverse and rich, especially homestays that are increasingly developing.

Some attractions around the village are Lung Cu Flagpole, milestones 442 – 428, Xin Man Kha village, Seo Lung peak… If you have the opportunity to stay in the village longer, you should learn more about traditional crafts. of the Lo Lo people such as embroidery, weaving…

Thien Huong, Dong Van

Thien Huong ancient village (also known as Ma Pang) is more than 100 years old, 5 km from the center of Dong Van town. The road to the village is located at the border while walking, you can see the other side is China and Nho Que river and two mountain ranges, but the road is bad, there are many potholes, visitors should only come here on dry days. sunny.

The impression that many tourists feel when coming to the village is the pristine beauty with old solid walled houses, the relaxed lifestyle of the Tay people, many ancient banyan trees, large samuets and innocent children. poem. In addition to enjoying the peaceful space and lifestyle in Thien Huong village, visitors can also participate in activities such as wading in streams to catch fish, weaving flax, making cakes, drinking corn wine with yeast leaves…

Ancient banyan trees in Thien Huong ancient village. Photo: Young Ha Giang

Lao Xa, Sung La

Lao Xa village belongs to Sung La commune, Dong Van district, about 6 km from the commune center. Going from National Highway 4C through Lung Cam about 4 km, you will find the road turning into a small, zigzag village, a bit difficult to go. The best time to come here is spring when the whole village is woven into a cloth of flowers, from white plum flowers, pink peaches and yellow canola. The wild spring scenery here also comes from the ten-year-old traditional houses of the H’Mong people lying next to simple stone fences and sharp cat ears.

Visitors walking here in the spring can visit the old houses of hundreds of years old, visit the houses of traditional artisan silversmiths…

An ethnic house with cat ears in Lao Xa. Photo: Nguyen Chi Nam

Nam Dam, Quan Ba

Nam Dam village is in Quan Ba ​​district, about 50 km from Ha Giang city center. Visitors walking along the small winding roads will be able to see the meadows, terraced fields, peach blossom gardens in full bloom on the occasion of the Lunar New Year. Nam Dam village is home to the Dao Cham ethnic group, and the Dao Ao Dai has become a community tourism village. In addition to experiencing the daily life of local people, tourists visit more Nai waterfall, Nam Dam lake, village culture museum, herbal bath…

The Dao people here still preserve many national cultural features, reflected in the customs, folk songs, folk dances, costumes, house architecture, folk games and special traditional rituals such as: award ceremonies.

Peach blossoms bloom next to the sticky rice of people in Nam Dam. Photo: Khanh Tran

Du Gia, Yen Minh

Du Gia is a small commune in Yen Minh district, about 70 km from Ha Giang city, famous for its peaceful, wild and majestic beauty like a fairy scene. However, the road here is very difficult to move even with hard steering because of many long and high slopes, with bends and potholes.

In Du Gia, when you wake up in the morning, you can see the clouds playing in the mountains, the cold air of the new spring, the call of the couple preparing to go on a spring trip, go to the market to have fun… Nature lovers are Du Gia waterfall and Du Gia National Park.

Your trip will be even more special when you discover the unique traditional culture of the H’Mong, Dao or Tay people here such as: new rice worshiping ceremony, praying for the harvest season, Tet dance, fairs, etc. Love market, Gau Tao festival at the beginning of the year…

Dao village in Du Gia. Photo: Ngo Huy Hoa

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