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Surfing to discover the beauty of the most unique canyon in Vietnam

Any visitor to Dong Van rock plateau wants to explore Tu San alley, and Nho Que river to be able to feel the majesty of the mountains and rivers of Ha Giang.

Surfing to discover the beauty of the most unique canyon in Vietnam
Tu San Alley – the deepest canyon in Vietnam and also the deepest in Southeast Asia, is located at the foot of Ma Pi Leng pass (Meo Vac district, Ha Giang).
Tu San Alley has a cliff height of up to 800m, 1.7km long and nearly 1km deep. This is a unique wonder in the Dong Van rock plateau.
This canyon and Nho Que river are the product of miraculous tectonics millions of years ago. Scientists have found the values ​​of paleontology, paleontology, tectonics, geomorphology… imprints caused by tectonic movements over 200 million years ago.
Talking to PV Dan Tri, Mr. Hoang Ngoc Thang, Head of the Tourism Promotion and Consulting Department (Ha Giang Tourism Promotion Center) said that Tu San alley was put into operation later than other tourist attractions. on the Dong Van rock plateau.
However, this is a destination with a strong attraction for adventure and adventure travel lovers. Any visitor to the rocky plateau wants to explore Tu San gorge so that he can feel the majesty of the mountains and rivers of Ha Giang.
Arriving at the marina, visitors will take a boat of the Agricultural Cooperative and Tu San tourism service to visit the Nho Que river and Tu San alley. The ticket price for a boat ride along the Nho Que river is 120,000 VND($5)/per person/way. At the marina, there is also a rental service for costumes and dresses to serve tourists to take “million-like” photos.
To reach Tu San alley, visitors need to travel on the road from Ma Pi Leng pass to Ta Lang village, Pai Lung commune (Meo Vac district). This route is quite difficult to go with more than 50 bends and steep slopes. There is also a walking path of nearly 2km climbing the cliff with vertical steps.
About 20 minutes downstream, visitors will reach Tu San alley. Located on Nho Que river, the alley has the color of emerald green water. The river water has no silt, flows through the limestone mountains, so the greener it is.
Many years ago, very few people could access this place because of the rugged terrain and high slope. However, after the Nho Que river hydropower plant was built, the water was blocked and the river became quieter.
People around then began to send motorboats to take tourists to the foot of the cliff. Over time, tourism activities are professionally organized by the locality to ensure the safety of visitors.
According to statistics, the lake-bed tourist attraction of the Nho Que river hydropower plant, watching Tu San gorge on peak days attracts over 5,000 visitors.
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