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Young people eagerly check in at Ma Pi Leng and Tu San alley on the first day of spring

On the first day of spring, thousands of tourists from other provinces and cities crowded to check in Ma Pi Leng and Tu San alley, and admire the cat ears rocky mountains, and Nho Que river in Ha Giang.

Young people eagerly check in at Ma Pi Leng and Tu San alley on the first day of spring

Ha Giang is the northernmost province of the country, famous for its landscapes such as Dong Van stone plateau, Quan Ba ​​sky gate and twin mountains, Ma Pi Leng pass, Nho Que stream, Lung Cu flagpole…

A place that cannot be ignored is Tu San Canyon, which is known as De Nhat Hung Quan, which is recognized as the deepest canyon in Vietnam, even in Southeast Asia. Tu San Alley has a steep cliff height of up to 700 – 800m, with a length of 1.7km and a depth of 700 – 900m.

To form this unique and magnificent landscape of Dong Van rock plateau, Tu San alley has to go through the process of forming millions of years ago, under the influence of many geological changes.In the early days of the new year, young people eagerly flock to check-in to save the moment with the majestic scenery here.

One of the four great peaks of the Northwest Pass: Ma Pi Leng also attracts many families to travel in the spring of the new year.

Visitors line up to buy tickets to visit the sights

From the place on the top of the pass, you can fully see the majestic cat ears peaks, with the poetic Nho Que river below…

Together, let’s keep impressive photos of the majestic scenery here

Many families have chosen Ha Giang, bringing the whole family here to breathe the Northwest mountain air

One of the check-in corners attracts a lot of young people with a full spring atmosphere

Two Dutch tourists who first arrived in Ha Giang were amazed at the majestic scenery here, they are expected to stay in Vietnam for 3 weeks to explore and conquer the Northwest provinces.

The panoramic view of the Nho Que river and rocky mountains from above is very impressive

According to Tien Phong

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