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Green corn season on Dong Van rocky plateau

No longer the cold gray color of cat ears, under the June showers, Dong Van is covered with green thanks to cornfields planted everywhere.

Green corn season on Dong Van rocky plateau
With an area mostly composed of cat ears, maize is the main food crop of four highland districts of Ha Giang, where rocks are crowded with rocks, arable land is scarce and year-round drought. Maize has extremely important value in the life as well as economic development of the highland people here, in addition to food, corn is also used for livestock, men men, cornbread or wine processing.
If tourists are familiar with the image of the rocky plateau in spring with the pink color of peach blossoms, the white of plum and pear flowers, the autumn is the purple-pink color of the buckwheat, the winter is the bright yellow of the mustard flower, the summer is the time of the blue. This season, from Quan Ba ​​to Yen Minh, from Dong Van to Meo Vac, the roads, mountains and hills are covered with green corn.
Duong Thuong valley goes to Lung Ho junction in June, with abundant vitality, abundance and rare rare at other times of the year.
On the top of slope 9 dot looking to the center of Pho Cao commune.
From the top of the “first heroic mandarin” of Ma Pi Leng pass, looking down the road to the three border communes of Thuong Phung, Xin Cai and Son Vi of Meo Vac district.
The more you go into the villages located deep in the core zone of the Dong Van rock plateau, the more you understand the intense vitality that rises from the rock, carved from the corn trees and the Mong people here.
The road winding like a snake in the green of the corn fields in Lao Xa.
The corn harvest depends on the geographical location of each district, season, rainfall, altitude… but usually takes place in June and July. At harvest time is also the time to select maize seed for the next crop, people work as laborers. doing it right on the field, choose corn seed and then bring it home to hang on the kitchen attic.
In any family of Mong, Dao, Lo Lo, Giay, Pu Peo… on the Dong Van rocky plateau, you will see corn piled up on the gable, under the eaves, or in the kitchen… Common corn dried in 3-4 sun and then sorted, good for eating and cooking wine, making cakes, bad for animal feed. Follow vnexpress

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