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Tourists flock to Ha Giang, traffic jams, Dong Van night market

November and December are the “golden” time to travel to Ha Giang when the fields of buckwheat flowers and yellow mustard flowers simultaneously bloom. At the end of November, the number of visitors to Ha Giang skyrocketed.

Tourists flock to Ha Giang, traffic jams, Dong Van night market

Not only domestic tourists, but Ha Giang in the buckwheat season also attracts a large number of international visitors. During the weekend, the roads going to famous places in Ha Giang are full of heavy traffic. Pictured is Doc Tham Ma.

Part of the reason why many roads are blocked is because the government is working on roads, many sections are upgraded and paved with stones, so moving is quite slow and difficult.

Recorded famous places to visit in Ha Giang such as Tham Ma Doc, Quan Ba ​​heaven gate, and Dong Van night market… are all very crowded and full of tourists.

People wait to go through the road works. Photo: Hoang My Hanh

Parking point to visit Lung Cu flagpole. Photo: Tien Thanh

Quan Ba ​​Heaven Gate.

Continuously throughout the day, a large number of visitors come to check-in.

Dong Van night market. Due to the large number of visitors, all homestays, motels, even community houses on stilts are all sold out. If you do not book in advance, it will be difficult for guests to find the property. Photo: Hoang My Hanh

Ms. Hoang My Hanh (Hanoi) with her family, who had just had a trip to Ha Giang last weekend, said, “My family has a sudden plan to go to Ha Giang, so I didn’t book a room in advance, so I couldn’t rent any homestay. to rest. Looking for a new motel to stay in temporarily and then go out. According to a famous homestay owner in Dong Van, all rooms are now fully booked until mid-December. Even on midweek days, guests still book rooms.

According to statistics, from the beginning of 2022 until now, Ha Giang province has welcomed nearly 1.6 million visitors, an increase of 240% over the same period in 2021. Currently, the province has 832 accommodation establishments and 3,180 food service establishments. Ha Giang province is actively promoting tourism information and propaganda through many forms and coordinating with provinces and tourism businesses to introduce tours, and promote and promote typical tourism products of Ha Giang province. Giang to the domestic and international tourism and tourist market./.

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