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Lung Cu flagpole on the weekend: Tourists are crowded, waiting patiently to take “forever” photos.

The moment hundreds of people crowded, waiting to check-in at the Lung Cu flagpole – an extremely impressive place at the top of the country, many people could not help but be surprised.

If you are a travel enthusiast, you must not be too strange to Ha Giang – a place in the far north, famous for its beauty that makes people fall in love. Besides the magnificent landscape of Hoang Su Phi terraced fields or the wildness of Dong Van rock plateau, when coming to that “flowering rock area”, surely everyone dreams of once setting foot there. Lung Cu, admire the beauty of the first place in the country.

Lung Cu flagpole on the weekend: Tourists are crowded, waiting patiently to take “forever” photos.

Photo: @murilo_andes

Recently, on social networks, photos of the scene at the Lung Cu flagpole appeared, surprising many people. Next to the sacred flagpole at the head of the country is the scene of hundreds of people passionately taking pictures, checking-in with the flag fluttering in the blue sky.

Photo: @review Ha Giang

This is not difficult to understand, because the Lung Cu flagpole is both a historical relic and the northernmost point, which is always a favorite destination of thousands of tourists near and far. Especially when the weather in the North is in the late autumn and early winter, Ha Giang becomes more attractive than ever.

Photo: @ReviewHaGiang, @Luong, @Loan Mít

For every Vietnamese citizen, being able to set foot in the northernmost point of the country is a dream, an honor and pride. Not only impressed by the majestic beauty of this sacred flagpole, but when standing here, visitors can also admire the extremely majestic beauty of Ha Giang. Therefore, in order to “hunt” the “expensive” moments, many people had to wait together, everyone wanted to have the photos of a lifetime after traveling a long way to come here.

Photo: @ttranguyen, @@bongxink_06, @nttn1809, @linhdidau

Lung Cu flagpole is located in Dong Van district, Ha Giang province, located right on the top of Dragon Long Son mountain with an altitude of 1470m above sea level. Seen from afar or from above, Lung Cu flagpole is full of splendor, the closer you get, the more beautiful it becomes.

Photo: @anhtai.bber, @diego_alverde

The image of a red flag with a yellow star flying in its shadow on the blue Lo Lo lake creates a beautiful scene. Standing at the observatory, you will see the panoramic view of the extremely charming Ha Giang land. Not far away is the image of moss-covered houses appearing in the dark in Lo Lo Chai village, which is the Then Van valley hidden among thousands of thousands.

Photo: @hallow_final.psd, @cuongthuhaiiii

Not only attracting domestic tourists, but the Lung Cu flagpole is also a favorite place for many foreign tourists to visit and take pictures.

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