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Strangely, the “poisoned” porridge was only eaten at night, the bitter taste in Ha Giang

Made from the “poison” ingredients, but through the process of processing the highland people, this dish has become an attractive specialty to visitors with its own taste that is not available anywhere.

Not only known as a famous tourist destination in the headland of the country, but Ha Giang also attracts tourists by its “unique” specialties. In which, there must be porridge – the dish is like “poison” but has attached to the life of many generations of upland people.

This porridge is also called “toxic porridge” or “deadly porridge” by locals because of its special ingredients. That is the beetle.

Strangely, the “poisoned” porridge was only eaten at night, the bitter taste in Ha Giang
Tuberose is not only a precious medicine, but also processed into a unique porridge dish (Photo: Viet Anh).

Tuberose is also known as the first umbrella or father, usually grows in high mountains, cold climates. According to medicine, the larvae have a pungent taste and heat so they can cure them very well. For a long time, the Mong people have used soaked tubers to massage their feet when they ache or treat colds very effectively.

Tuberose is very poisonous in nature, but through a period of careful preliminary processing with its own secret to reduce toxicity, Ha Giang people have created a delicious, nutritious “famous” dish.

To process the rhizome into a dish is very sophisticated and takes a lot of time. People often soak the larvae in rice water for one night, then wash them, simmer for 4-5 hours for the toxins to secrete, until they are soft and broken into a thick thick powder.

Tuber powder is cooked with non-glutinous rice and bone broth from the pork’s feet, adding a little sticky rice to make it thick and fragrant. To make the porridge smooth and smooth, people boil the porridge over a low heat, always steaming green.

Porridge has a bitter taste that is quite picky about people, but it has many health benefits (Photo: Dao Xuan Duong).

To know whether the porridge has been eaten or not, the cook will taste a small amount, if the tongue feels numb … it means that the larvae have not gone poisonous and cannot eat. Only when there is no numbness in the tongue, ie the porridge is ripe, can be enjoyed.

Porridge is served with minced lean meat, chicken eggs with chili, pepper, onions, cilantro and perilla for added flavor.

The mouthpiece is soft, flexible, mixed with the sweetness of the broth and eggs, creating an interesting and soft feeling in the oral cavity (Photo: Le Quy).

After cooking the porridge is dark brown in color, at first glance quite similar to the porridge bowl of the lowland people. When enjoying the porridge, diners will first feel the bitter taste like a tamarind from the larvae and gradually absorb the rich, fatty and fragrant taste of bone broth.

Ha Giang porridge with four seasons, but especially sold only in the evening. Because according to the long-term experience of the people here, porridge works best when overnight. Therefore, people often eat this porridge at night.

For people in the highlands of Ha Giang, porridge has long been a daily night dish (Photo: Khuong Hoang Anh).

The middle-aged people eat porridge to strengthen their bones, and for long-distance tourists, traders from all over the world consider this dish as a magic medicine to help relieve fatigue, regain deep and comfortable sleep long days of hard labor.

Each bowl of porridge porridge costs about 30,000 VND. (Photo: @vancoco).

Initially, porridge was only known as the sensory dish of the Mong ethnic people. Later, the people of Ha Giang added some spices and other additives, cooked them into “specialty” porridge in the rocky highlands, making diners near and far remember to eat once. Follow Dan trí

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