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‘Miniature Switzerland’ in Suoi Thau steppe

HA GIANG – The winding hillsides in Suoi Thau steppe are as beautiful as the scenery in Europe.

Truong Hoang Kha, born in 1992, now lives and works in Ho Chi Minh City, only had a motorbike trip to Ha Giang in the last days of August. During his journey, he spent an afternoon visiting the Suoi Thau steppe to see the view . The landscape is majestic and wild here.

Suoi Thau is in Xin Man district, about 150 km from Ha Giang city to the west, the road is quite winding but beautiful. Mr. Kha shared, also because the large road going through the steppe is new, easy to go, the steppe area has no clear signposts, so many people often drive past without finding the entrance. Refer to the coordinates of the Suoi Thau steppe:

Kha’s experience is to go slowly, pay attention to the turn according to the coordinates on the Google map to find this steppe. When turning into the steppe, you need to keep your hands on the steering wheel because the first part is a small stone road, so it is easy to slip. The following section is a concrete road but has many steep slopes, the driver also needs a steady steering wheel. You can ride a motorbike here, if you go by car, you have to choose a high-rise car.

At this time, the rice is in bloom, still green but soon ripe yellow, turning the whole steppe into a brilliant golden rice carpet.

The reference schedule that Mr. Truong Kha went to explore Hoang Su Phi, including the Suoi Thau steppe: Ha Giang city – Nam Hong village – Chieu Lau Thi mountain – Luoc village – Phung village – Suoi Thau – Bac Ha .

Suoi Thau is still an unspoiled steppe, without many services and facilities like many other tourist attractions.

Currently, there are no motels near Suoi Thau steppe, so tourists can only stay in Coc Pai town (Xin Man – Ha Giang), Bac Ha district (Lao Cai) or can also stay at Ban Phung. (Hoang Su Phi – Ha Giang) like Mr. Kha.

Still unspoiled, but the people here also quickly adapted to tourism. Many people have planted vast buckwheat fields to serve tourists to enjoy and take pictures.

Ticket price to this field is 40,000 VND for an adult and 20,000 VND for children. On the flower field, there are also small huts for visitors to rest while enjoying the view.

The climate in Suoi Thau steppe is cool, early in the morning you can meet the sea of ​​clouds covering the mountains and hills, and in the afternoon you have the opportunity to watch the light dance in the beautiful sunset at around 4-5 pm.

Photo: Truong Kha

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