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The “green steppe regions” in Vietnam make visitors nostalgic at first sight

The beautiful steppes in Vietnam possessing a poetic and charming beauty with green stretches of grass are increasingly sought by tourists to experience.

Besides the experience of hunting clouds or watching the golden season in the northern mountains, nowadays the steppe is also one of the favorite places for young people to visit to enjoy the fresh green air, away from the noise. hustle and bustle of life.

Along Vietnam, we have many beautiful grasslands that not everyone knows about. The vast green steppe amidst the majestic scenery of rolling hills and mountains brings the pristine and majestic beauty like the “Mongolian steppes” that make visitors “fall in love” the first time they arrive.

Suoi Thau steppe – Ha Giang

Suoi Thau steppe is one of the most attractive destinations for travel enthusiasts when coming to Ha Giang, where it owns a scene like a most poetic picture, especially in autumn.

Suoi Thau has located about 5 km from Coc Pai town, Xin Man district, Ha Giang province, and is located at an altitude of over 1,200m above sea level. As a beautiful steppe in Ha Giang, few people know about it, so Suoi Thau still retains the original, rustic but no less majestic things.

The “green steppe regions” in Vietnam make visitors nostalgic at first sight

Photo: @yuchennhiu34

Each season, the Suoi Thau steppe brings a different impressive landscape picture. Autumn is a time of interference: the rice is ripe and golden, and the triangle of buckwheat at the beginning of the season blooms, creating a feeling of lightness and poetry. Outside the steppe are rice fields, green corn fields, rustic houses of the Mong people, and vast fields of buckwheat flowers.

Photo: @Truong Hoang Kha, @Le Huyen

To move to Suoi Thau is quite arduous because of the winding road with rocky roads to steep winding roads, visitors need to follow the map carefully to find the way to the steppe. However, even on the way to Suoi Thau, you can admire the majestic scenery of Ha Giang mountains.

If you have the opportunity to visit Suoi Thau in the early morning, you can also hunt the sea of ​​clouds covering the mountains and hills. In this position, every afternoon, you can admire the extremely poetic sunset.

Photo: @quang_quick, @La Moc, @yenlee.vivu

Dong Lam steppe – Lang Son

Dong Lam steppe, also known as Huu Lien steppe, is a famous tourist destination in Lang Son province, not too far from Hanoi, about 130km. This place is a vast land surrounded by mountains, winding rivers and green lawns, even the beauty of Dong Lam steppe is favored by many tourists as “Vietnam’s Mongolia”. .

Photo: @Hung Vi, @Linhcomgr

Dong Lam steppe possesses extremely special natural beauty, like a girl who knows how to transform in each rainy season and dry season. Dong Lam when the water rises is very majestic, after the rains, the green steppe becomes more beautiful than ever with the clear jade green river, and the large mounds suddenly turn into a small island, creating beautiful scenery. charming painting.

Photo: Hung Vi

The dry season in this steppe is equally poetic, the natural landscape is covered with lush green grass, vast, with the appearance of herds of horses and buffaloes grazing. The vast steppe and the herds of free grazing horses have become a special feature that attracts tourists to admire.

Photo: @Gody, @Bui Ngoc Cong, @ttttiffany18

Dong Cao steppe – Bac Giang

Dong Cao is not a strange name to backpackers. Dong Cao steppe is located in Thach Son commune, Son Dong district, Bac Giang province, about 150km from Hanoi. This is also an indispensable check-in place for backpackers.

Photo: @Bacgiang

Dong Cao is a destination with a terrain of many grasslands and large rocks, undulating like a stone battle. The vast expanses of grass, the towering cliffs next to the immense green forests give Dong Cao a captivating beauty. This is an ideal camping place to enjoy life in harmony with nature.

Photo: @hoantoof

From the top of the mountain, you can see the whole vast Dong Cao area. Admiring the beauty of the sunrise peeking out from the thin mist every morning in this steppe is a very interesting thing. If you are lucky, in the days after the rain or cold, you will encounter a sea of ​​white clouds, billowing and floating.

Photo: @thoorphir, @hb.trann

With fresh air and unspoiled beauty, Dong Cao steppe is a great place to picnic, and enjoy life in harmony with nature, ideal for short trips or weekends. The beauty of harmony between heaven and earth, Dong Cao steppe hides the mystery of the great thousand, always prompting visitors to explore.

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