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4 provinces have many unique cultural features suitable for tourists who are passionate about local discovery tourism

Catching the 2023 tourism trend, experiencing 4 localities with unique cultures in Vietnam.

Local discovery tourism is one of the leading “moving” trends attracting a large number of tourists, especially young people. When participating in this type of tourism, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the lives of local people, and discover new and unique things from the culture, and cuisine, the lifestyle of the local people. This.

This form of tourism not only helps visitors gain a deeper understanding of people, lifestyles, and customs… in the locality where they pass through, but also creates more job opportunities and income for tourists. local people by selling food, specialty products, accommodation business… to tourists.

Buon Ma Thuot

As the provincial capital of Dak Lak province, Central Highlands, Buon Ma Thuot is known as the coffee capital of Vietnam. Coming here, besides visiting the coffee culture from the museum, the coffee villages… the unique experience that everyone should try is visiting the villages, experiencing the wonderful life with the people. The Ede ethnic group is the most populous ethnic group in this Central Highlands, you will have a chance to exchange culture with the Thai and Ede people, enjoy the specialties of the Central Highlands such as lam rice, grilled meat, etc. and sing, dance, participate in festivals bearing their own cultural identity with them.

Photo: Lee Vy

4 provinces have many unique cultural features suitable for tourists who are passionate about local discovery tourism

Photo: Ho Nguyen Khanh Han

Especially famous here are many waterfalls, in addition to the deep ice in the forest with the group of indigenous people, admiring the majestic scenery of nature, tourists can also camp, participate in wild activities. with attractions such as: fishing, boating on the falls, riding elephants, climbing ropes… Moreover, you will hear anecdotes about many waterfalls that the indigenous people transmit to each other extremely interesting, impression.

Photo: Nguyen Thi Diep Anh, Nguyen Tuan

Ben Tre

Located in the lower Mekong River, Ben Tre is one of the provinces with many cultural features typical for the Southern region that you should not miss. If you want to explore more about the peaceful, rustic, Western-style rural life, you can choose the tourism model to experience the local culture at Maison du Pays the Ben Tre homestay.

Although it just appeared not long ago, Maison du Pays the Ben Tre has quickly resonated in the Vietnamese “moving” association because of its fun and relaxing activities that are both interesting and meaningful. Located in Giong Trom district, Maison du Pays the Ben Tre is a motel model combined with local exploration activities of the owner Thinh and his grandmother. In order to easily experience the life of the people in the West, visitors will be able to share a house with Mr. Thinh and his grandmother, and be warmly welcomed with delicious meals, as bold as a fish. Braised cotton swabs, boiled vegetables and braised vegetables, melon soup, fried eggs, fruits… This gives visitors a feeling of warmth and closeness as if they were returning to their hometown after days of being away from the country. labor.

During the trip, you also have the opportunity to discover and learn more about the culture, life and people here when you are given the opportunity to experience cycling under coconut trees, picking cocoa, going to the morning countryside market, Canoeing, visiting the Roman church…

Photo: Maison du Pays the Ben Tre

Thai Nguyen

As one of the major cities in the North of Vietnam, Thai Nguyen has a very unique local culture with many interesting attractions, especially the conservation area of ​​Thai Hai Ethnic Ethnic Stilt Village belonging to Thai Nguyen province. My Hao village, Thinh Duc, Thai Nguyen.

Visiting Thai Hai village, visitors will be able to stay in stilt houses with nearly a hundred years of age imbued with the culture of Tay and Nung ethnic groups. The price is 100,000 VND/person/night.

Photo: @jessyin

Of course, everyone will live, live, participate in daily production activities with the people such as farming, breeding, etc. Not only that, at night you will be in a unique community cultural space such as rewards. Enjoy the song of Then singing by the fire in the house on stilts, gather tea with the villagers, play folk games, make crafts… To make everyone’s cultural experience deep and worthwhile. More importantly, in this village, people often introduce and answer about customs, festivals, culture, scenery, heritage…

Photo: @hoang.mai.948

The culinary experience is definitely not to be missed, the village will thoughtfully choose specialties to treat each person such as sticky rice with mixed leaves, grilled buffalo with guise leaves, roasted meat hanging from the kitchen, fried wild boar with sour bamboo shoots…

Lao Cai

Located on the northern border, Lao Cai has majestic scenery but is equally poetic and lyrical. In addition to famous tourist attractions such as Sapa, Muong Hoa, Bac Ha… Lao Cai also has an interesting place called Y Ty – which is like a promised land for those who love peace. of life in the Northwest highlands. Y Ty is located at an altitude of 2000m above sea level, still, a poor commune in the border highland, so life is extremely simple and rustic.

Photo: Trinh Thanh Long

Photo: Pham Bao Trang

When you come here, you can choose to stay in a homestay and live and eat with a local host. Some other interesting activities such as climbing with the Mong people, watching the ripe rice season, going to the fields with the people… for you to enjoy. In addition to integrating the lifestyle and activities of the highland people, what you cannot ignore when coming here is hunting clouds. Come to Y Ty, feel the slow but peaceful pace of life, the simple but warm people will leave you with unforgettable memories.

Photo: Ngo Hong Anh, Y Ty Homestay a fuzzy

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