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5 mountain roads in the trip through Vietnam

Thanh Tuan recorded beautiful moments on the top of Na Lay mountain, walking in Binh Lieu, watching the clouds on the top of Fansipan.

5 mountain roads in the trip through Vietnam
Nguyen Thanh Tuan, 35 years old, from Tra Vinh, has traveled to 63 provinces in Vietnam, 10 Southeast Asian countries and many other countries. He was impressed with the journey of 100 dust trips and 1,000 photos taken throughout Vietnam. One of them is the majestic mountain photos in the North, leaving many memories with him.
The peak not to be missed in Vietnam’s high mountain photo collection is the 3,143 m high Fansipan “roof of Indochina” in Lao Cai . Coming here in the early morning, visitors will feel the warm rays of the sun at the beginning of the day, gradually illuminating the whole sky and earth, immersed in the vast sea of ​​clouds throughout a high and wide sky.
Characterized by mountainous terrain, the roads in Ha Giang have long become one of the challenges that attract backpackers. In particular, the Tham Ma slope is famous for its difficulty with 9 winding bends around the mountains. This is one of the pass roads located on Highway 4C, connecting the Meo Vac district.
The beauty of Ha Giang is also the interweaving of majestic mountains and terraced fields. Pictured is Phung village, where there are pristine terraced fields.
In the early morning dawn, in Bac Son valley, Lang Son appears like a picture. The overlapping limestone mountains are hidden in the mist. Mr. Tuan shared that in order to watch the sunrise, he had to carry his luggage to the top of Na Lay from the previous night and ask to sleep at the guard station. Although the journey was tiring, in return the beautiful scenery here did not disappoint him. Na Lay Peak is a great location to see the full majesty of Bac Son valley.
Khau Coc Cha , the 14-sleeve pass in Cao Bang is famous for its twists and turns. To conquer the top of the pass, visitors need a lot of experience, courage and good preparation in terms of health and spirit. To fully see the pass, visitors will trek about 3 km to stand at the top of the mountain opposite Khau Coc Cha pass, watching the whole 14-storey pass.
Binh Lieu , the “roof” of Quang Ninh province, is located more than 100 km northeast of Ha Long city, bordering China. This place is famous for its wild, majestic natural scenery and winding roads on deep blue mountain waves.
Mr. Tuan shared: “Vietnam is blessed with many beautiful landscapes. Each place and region has its own characteristics of mountains and forests. All of which create a majestic picture of Vietnam’s mountains.”

Photo: Nguyen Thanh Tuan

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